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“Why breasts you so much?”, “Children sleep in the cradle,” and “you should not carry him so much, you’ll spoil him”, comments are Julia, 33, has heard repeatedly ever since her son was born ten months ago. Pointers come from well-meaning parents and other self-appointed adviser on children’s education in her lap, but their advice is sorely wasted it.

Because Julia breasts very often, the demand of her child, she is carrying her baby often and she’s let him sleep in bed curled up next to her, even in her tummy every time. And she does all this because she has no doubt in her mind to raise the child in accordance with his instincts and his own common sense is just what is ultimately best for her and her baby.

and Julia is far from alone. In fact, in most of the world’s mothers still raise their children every day by responding to immediate needs, carrying and wearing them and sleep with them, and mostly because they live in less modernized cultures without access to pushchairs, cots and literature on child rearing, so they simply do what comes naturally to them and stay attached to their children. Just as our ancestors from the early days.

The modernized our parents home, however, given a choice on how to raise their children. With access to great information on child rearing from literature to professionals, they have done and tried everything from putting babies to sleep on their stomach to let them “cry out” because they were encouraged to do so. It is no wonder that the first parents are sometimes confused about what to believe, especially since many therapists and teachers of children seem to change their mind about the best way to child rearing for each new decade, and because some of the method, widespread and popular in the past, have later been found to have adverse effects on the mental health of the child.

Perhaps that is why today we see a new tendency to return to normal and “traditional” way of parents promotes close contact between baby and mother. It is a way of raising children who keeps faith in Mother Nature’s Savoir faire, and this no-nonsense theory, which has worked well for mothers through the centuries, has been designated “attachment theory” in our modern society.

The term “attachment” was coined in 1960 by British psychiatrist and developmental psychologist John Bowlby (1907-1990) when he proposed a theory based on biological theory bond between a mother and her infant. Bowlby studied children under three years of age who were admitted to hospitals, institutions and other separated from their mothers, and found the relationship between mother and infant to be much stronger than previously thought (at the time Bowlby believed that mothers were the primary attachment, but later studies have confirmed that children form attachments to both parents). Bowlby first presented his theory of attachment in 1958 to draw much Ethological terms, and he as three different levels of segregation response among children and shown that children are more attached to his mother, the less they will despair when separated from her.

In subsequent research, Bowlby, along with fellow scientists Mary Ainsworth (1913-1999), further elaborated the attachment theory, and thanks to the “strange situation” – laboratory techniques for studying infant-parent attachment developed by Mary Ainsworth and her students – they went to have a formal understanding of individual differences in how children perceive access to the attached form and how they manage attachment behavior in response to a threatening situation

The “Strange. The situation” was created in the laboratory the child was separated and combined with an attachment figure and the child’s responses were observed. Ainsworth classified on individual differences in three attachment patterns: Secure children were upset when the mother left the room but easily comforted her when she arrived; anxiety-resistant children became very upset at separation, but who had a difficult time to celebrate when she came back, often show conflicting behavior that will be a comfort, but also to “punish” her mother at the same time; and personality shift children who do not appear distressed by the separation, and, upon Reunion actively avoid looking contact with their parents.

Ainsworth demonstrated that individual differences related to infant parental communication in the home during the first years of life; secure the child has experienced attachment figures responsive to their needs, but intense withstand or offset personality child has experienced attachment figures that are either insensitive and inconsistent with their needs, or simply do not exist.

Bowlby and Ainsworth found that a child who has attached a picture that provides a secure base will be playful, adventurous, less inhibited, smiling and more sociable than children without secure attachment to the mother, and they also found evidence that the lack of a child mother-image can lead to adverse effects on development.

Bowlby believed that attachment patterns established in childhood follows us through all our lives and affects the way we communicate with others, especially romantic relationships, and his theory has been further developed in adult relationships.

Modern attachment theory today has evolved from the work of Bowlby and Ainsworth. Many scholars disagree on how exactly the attachment theory should be applied in ideal child-rearing, but they generally agree that in order to achieve a faster mother (or other attachment figure) should be available and able to meet the needs of the child in responsive and appropriate manner. A parent can bring this nurturing relationship with the child wearing (carrying a baby in a sling or baby carrier), extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping and a constant attention and response to child physical and emotional needs.

William Sears, an American pediatrician, is one of the most prominent and popular proponents today of the attachment theory. Together with his wife, Martha Sears, a nurse, they have raised eight children included and are the authors of “The Baby Book”, they suggest attachments parenthood through seven B’s; birth bond; belief in the signs of your baby’s cries; breastfeeding; Baby Wearing; bedding near the child; balance and goals; and beware of baby trainers.

The easy-to-read style, Sears offer a great book utilize their knowledge of child development and detailed advice on how to carry out any attachment parents for individuals and lifestyle, and they remind us of the connection parents are fathers and can be practiced with other caregivers as well.

And while the full time working mothers are not ideal in the world of attachment parents, there are still plenty of ways that the mother can practice attachment parenting time with their children and create a strong bond between them. Sears suggests that a working mother is responsive and available to the needs of her child when at home, and she expects the loving caregivers who can practice attachment parenting in her place. A child needs to be held, go, we talked (included), but not necessarily always the mother.

Some parents fear attached parenting style will result in children who are spoiled, demanding and uneasy, but extensive research has proven otherwise shown to follow the children become confident, independent and sociable towards others. And several research studies show a clear link between inappropriate beloved children, depression, substance abuse, violence and even divorce in adulthood, as Naomi Aldo, Ph.D, reminds us in his book “upbringing of our children, increase in us.”

Like any theory of attachment theory has its opponents too, and most reviewers claim to demand feeding, as encouraged in attachment parents, is to blame for the growing problem we face today with obesity in children. However, a multi-year study conducted by researchers from Texas A & M University has recently put this criticism to the ground. The study, “Parental Time, Role Strain and Children Fat Consumption and Obesity-Related Outcomes,” was published in June last year by the US Department of Agriculture, and found a direct relationship between the amount and quality of time parents spend with their children and the percentage of children of obesity and found that the more time a mother spends with her child, the less likely the child is to become obese. However, the study found that the more time a father spends with a child, the more likely the child will be obese. Dr. Alex McIntosh, lead researcher and sociologist, airs his concerns about the interpretation of these results, and adds that mothers and fathers need to be directly involved with their children’s upbringing and be hands-on parents who set a good example. for their children through their own habits

Other critics seem to confuse attachment parenting with “permissive upbringing” indulgent style of parents of children and teens are allowed to set their own goals themselves. But attachment parenting is, as Dr. Sears reminds us, respond appropriately to the needs of your child, that means knowing when to say “yes” and when to say “no.” Attachment parenting is a matter of relationships and balance -not being indulgent or permissive, yet to be attentive.

theory Bowlby and Ainsworth’s attachment based on a study of the relationship infants’ mother in the first three years of life, and is not intended to define education in older children and adolescents. However, Sears and other modern publishers attachment theory with the definition of Bowlby’s attachment that “sustained emotional ties between the child and picture attachments.”

Many paths lead to Rome, and there are many ways to raise a healthy, balanced and content baby, and last but not least – the melting point of all the therapists – is to create an environment for children’s charities, secure and stable, and, Dr. McIntosh says, provide a good example to our children through our own habits. The attachment method is the oldest and most natural method of child rearing, and it has proven to be excellent and fulfilling both the child and the child carers through the centuries and will inevitably continue to do so.


How Obesity affects the body


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has put out a blunt commentary on its website. It says that 33.8% of US adults and 17% of children and adolescents aged 2-19 years are obese. It adds that there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the last 20 years. These are scary numbers, but it is more hurt to come. Experts predict that by the year 2048 all Americans will be either overweight or obese.

Below are examples of how obesity affects the body

1. Coronary heart disease: Excess fat causes plaque build up in the coronary arteries. This plaque is made of fat, cholesterol, calcium and other substances. When plaque build up, it reduces the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart. This can cause a heart attack. The risk of coronary heart disease increases the volume of the body. Obesity is also known to cause heart failure.

2. Stroke: plaque anticipation can split and form blood clots. If ruptured blood clot travels and comes close to the brain, it can inhibit the supply of oxygen, causing a stroke. More fat increases the direct risk of stroke. Scientists have conducted a study that has confirmed the link between excessive fat and stroke.

3. Cancer: Excess fat can cause cancer as well. Excess fat increases estrogen levels, which increases the risk of cancer of the female reproductive system. It causes gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which increases the risk of esophageal cancer. Fat increases insulin, which can cause cancer cells to multiply.

4. Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is a very painful and osteoarthritis, which affects the knees, hips and lower back. It wears down sites that protect joints and the main cause is being overweight. Being overweight increases the pressure on the joints and it could lead to osteoarthritis or rather worse, if it exists already.

5. Sleep apnea: If fat accumulates around the neck, it narrows the airway, thereby making it difficult to breathe properly while you sleep, resulting in sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a chronic disease that does not allow you to breathe properly during sleep. It keeps you awake at night, thereby reducing productivity and impact Normal body.

6. Reproductive issues: Being overweight can lead to irregular menstrual cycles and infertility in women. All health programs should focus on weight loss and exercise for overweight women. This will improve menstrual regularity, reduce fertility and prepare women for reduced-risk pregnancy. (1)

These are just a few of many examples of how obesity affects the body. Other things beside the body gets affected, as the soul if you become self-conscious and have low self-esteem. Social life can suffer and you may be depressed. The mind, body and soul are connected. If one is out of whack, others will suffer. So make sure you eat right and exercise to prevent the effects of obesity


(1) Obesity and Reproductive :. Role Applied Lifestyle by Robert J. Norman, MD


Adult Obesity Becoming the # 1 killer in the United States


adult obesity overtaking tobacco as the # 1 US Killer

adult obesity is moving to the top of the list as the nations # 1 killer. As Americans continue to eat themselves to death overweight may soon go up tobacco the leading cause of death, according to US government study.

Scientists Centers of Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, USA, and led by Ali Mokdad concluded that about 50% of all deaths in the United States can be prevented by behavior or habit changes.

Tobacco was the leading cause of death for 18.1% of total US deaths in 2000. Poor diet, weight gain and little or no movement was the leading cause of 16.6% of total US deaths in the same year.

Smoking, poor diet, weight gain or obesity adult plus low or no movement promoting the three major killers -. Heart disease, cancer and stroke

developments indicate an increased risk of death due to poor nutrition, weight gain / obesity, and little or no movement are going up due to changes in our environment. “Simply we eat more and exercise less” Mokdad told New Scientist. Tobacco is still going down in the US but at a slow pace, we hope that it continues and perhaps decreases faster. ”

If current trends continue, obesity will be the leading cause in 2005, with toll excellence 500,000 deaths a year. “This is a tragedy, says CDC director Julie Gerberding.” We’re looking at this as a wake-up call. “

gap between deaths due to poor diet, obesity in adults and omissions and those due to smoking has decreased, but not because of a reduction in smoking. Of course, this means that the gap has decreased due to the increase to be overweight.

“Americans need to understand that overweight and obesity are literally killing us.” said Health Secretary Tommy Thompson, adding that the outcome of the investigation. “should encourage all Americans to take action to protect their health.”

estimated 130 million US citizens, or 64%, are overweight or obese.

You are in control! You can decide to stop and / or turn your children gain weight. You can eat your favorite food and control your weight without drugs, special diets, expensive diet, different recipes and foods, meetings, weight-ins, and other expensive and time consuming task.


Að ala upp heilbrigt og passa barn í Ultra samkeppnishæfu heim Youth Sports – 7 Húsreglur


Í þessari skýrslu sem við útlista 7 skref fyrir foreldra að fylgja í því skyni að hvetja rétta líkamlegum þroska og líðan sem mun gefa barninu bestu möguleika til að ná árangri.

Allir þurfa að vera meistari á eitthvað. Þeir þurfa að hafa frið í huga og sjálf-ánægju sem óaðskiljanlegan hluta af lífi sínu. Foreldrar ættu ekki að ýta börnum sínum að vera mikill. Þeir þurfa að leiðbeina og beina börnum sínum til að ná sannur möguleika þeirra. Þeir þurfa að gefa þeim leið til að elta, og vonandi ná, markmiðum sínum. Mjög verkfæri sem þú gefur barninu þínu að nota í að reyna að verða íþróttir eða tónlist eða fræðileg meistarar eru mjög sama lærdóm lífi hann eða hún verður að lifa-og dafna í hvaða viðleitni. Þessi verkfæri eru markmiðs, daglega tímasetningu, vitandi og að skipuleggja ráðstafanir til að ná draumum þínum, og yfirvinna erfiðar sinnum. Að auki, barnið, í að reyna að skara fram úr, eignast mikilvæg eðli eiginleiki af vígslu, þrautseigju, lausn vandamála, og sjálfstraust.

Þegar barn er lögð áhersla á að verða meistari, með áherslu á að reyna fyrir ágæti og reyna að verða það besta sem hann eða hún er fær um að vera, þeir vilja ekki hafa halla eða tími til að taka neikvæða leið. Á meðan að reyna að ná sínum markmiðum, þeir vilja finna sig að koma í snertingu við annað ungt fólk sem eru einnig fyrirsögninni áfram og upp á við. Lykilatriðið er að þú vilt barnið áherslu hans / krafta sína á sjálf-framför, ekki sjálf-eyðileggingu.

Við skulum taka nokkur skref til baka frá hugarheim ala upp “íþróttamaður meistari,” og við skulum leggja áherslu á hækka “Great Kids” fyrst. Rétt líkamlega þróun, annars þekkt sem samhæfingu þróun, er ferli sem tekur mörg ár að þróast og er byggt á fjölbreytni og aðlögunarhæfni. Unga íþróttamenn ættu ekki að vera bundin við íþróttir sérstakar kunnátta þjálfun, eða einn sóló íþrótt fyrir þessi efni, með von um að verða næsta “meistari” íþróttamaður.

Foreldrar verða að skilja að ungmenni þeirra þurfa fyrst að sigra líkamleg, tilfinningaleg og sálræn áskoranir býr í þessum Ultra samkeppni samfélagi. Þessi eiginleiki er mikilvægt að koma til að njóta hvers konar samkeppni hvort sem það er á sviði eða í tónleikasal. Allt of oft, foreldrar, þjálfarar eða teammates sjá framúrskarandi íþrótt kunnátta á ungri íþróttamaður og skakkur ýta fullri inngjöf á undan í að þróa unga meistari á íþrótt. En hið sanna eðli meistari og langlífi af velgengni þeirra löm meira svo á einföldum “Húsreglur” sem umlykja persónulega þróun, lífsstíl, sjálfsmynd þeirra og Athletic reynslu

7 House reglunum:.

1. Start Young

Fá út og spila. Frjáls leikur eða uppgötvun leika fyrir huga og líkama vitund, getur byrjað á smábarn ár sem ungmenni byrja að safna og vinna úr upplýsingum í umhverfi sínu. Þróa samhæfingu í gegnum ýmsar reynslu í vergri mótor hreyfingu mun veita nauðsynlega örvun til að leyfa ungu aðilar að byrja mikilvægum skrefum í að lokum fullkomna ýmis hreyfing færni í gegnum þroska árum sínum. Þetta ferli leggur grunninn og geymir nauðsynlegar upplýsingar til að hefja þróun íþrótta og þjálfun á fyrstu unglingsárum. Hvort það næst smábarn ræktina program, KFUM eða eigin bakgarði þínum – að láta þá snúa, þurrkara, rúlla, hlaupa og jafnvel hrasa. Þeir munu læra verðmætar upplýsingar um líkama þeirra, sem enginn annar getur alltaf að kenna þeim.

2. Hvetjandi og tækifæri.

Á aldrinum 7 og 14 samhæfingu þróun er mikilvægt og er mikilvægasti á aldrinum 10 og 13. Ekki bíða þangað til þá !! Á fyrri árum milli fæðingu og 6 ára foreldra hafa þá ábyrgð að veita ríkur, endurnærandi og grípandi umhverfi fyrir börnin sín til að hjálpa örva líkamlega og vitræna getu börnin þeirra munu telja á síðar í æsku þeirra. Þetta felur í sér að klifra, hlaupandi, hoppandi, kasta, smitandi og sparka, spila á hljóðfæri eða vinna á þraut. Það þýðir ekki að ung börn þurfa að hafa barmafullur vikulega dagskrá með skipulagða starfsemi. Þvert á móti. Það þýðir að þú þarft að losa upp tíma til að stoppa í garðinum, fara í gönguferð, sveifla á sveiflu, hopp körfubolta, kapp til stærsta tré í garðinum eða prófa þá nýju í línu skata. Hvetja unga krakka til að kanna starfsemi gaman sem stuðla jafnvægi, hrynjandi og staðbundna stefnumörkun mun veita sterkan grunn fyrir samræmingu þróun. Gefa þeim tíma og tækifæri til að kanna er ómetanlegt.

3. Vera fyrirmynd

Verðlaun hreyfingu með því að gefa börnum fulla athygli, tíma og lof. Fá út og spila með þeim! Fyrir ung börn, kenna þeim leiki eins tag, önd-önd-gæs, sparka-the-dós og fela-og-Go-leitið. Láta þá upplifa hversu gaman það er að vera virkur. Fyrir eldri bekkja grunnskóla börn og ungt unglinga, fara hjólreiðar, kajak eða sund. Train fyrir fjölskyldu 5K ganga-hlaupa saman. Ung börn hafa getu til að læra hratt. Skora þá með reynslu sem örvar þá vitræn og líkamlega. Jafnvel börn innan sömu fjölskyldu mun þróast á annan hátt. Lykillinn að árangri foreldra að ákveða hvaða þáttur sem barnið þarf mest hjálp við,. (Ie: jafnvægi, hrynjandi, eða staðbundnum vitund) og veita skemmtilega gagnvirka leiki sem örva skilningarvitin

4. Breyting er gott – Styðja það

Eins og börn verða fyrir áhrifum afþreyingar íþróttir, hafa þá að taka þátt í eins mörgum starfsemi og hægt er (..en ekki á sama tíma !!!). Þegar breyting í vetur, breyta íþrótt eða starfsemi. Around aldrinum sextán getu til ákjósanlegur þróa samhæfingu byrjar að gengið til baka. Á aldrinum 7-14 er mikilvægt þegar getu líkamans til að þróa samhæfingu og læra nýja færni er blómi þess. Þetta staðfestir snemma völdum á ýmsum íþróttum og starfsemi eru lausnin frá íþróttamaður þróun sjónarhóli. Unglinga er ekki rétti tíminn til að kynna þætti samhæfingu þjálfun. Sem unga íþróttamenn líkaminn fer að taka á sig mynd, hæð líkamsþyngd og líkamsþyngdarstuðuls styrk og hraða eru verulega að breytast á þessum árum. Það er miklu erfiðara fyrir taugakerfið að samþykkja nýja för mynstur frekar en að reyna að betrumbæta það sem hefur verið sett á harða diskinum á fyrri árum. The fágun áður í að læra færni, skulu vera rétthærri lendingu nýja færni hreyfing stöð.

þjálfarar foreldris og leiðbeinendur verða að skilja og samþykkja þá staðreynd að þróa heilbrigða og vel íþróttamaður er ferli sem tekur ár tekur mismikil unnar upplýsingar allt sem halda áfram að byggja á annan. Ef þetta ferli er fylgt samhæfingu þróun í pósti á unglingsárum má taka til nýrra og spennandi stigum.

5. Búast virðingu

Innskot frá kennslu og útlistun börn til áreiti sem mun stuðla að þróun samræmd mynstur hreyfing, kynning og styrking á mikilvægi þess að gildum, fjölskyldu og heimilis er bara eins mikilvægt.

Þetta mun gefa ungu íþróttamenn þínum fullvissu að þeir hafa allan þann stuðning sem þarf til að ná árangri ekki bara í íþróttum en það líf.

Í fyrstu árum hlutdeild taka beygjur og spila sanngjarnt, ungt fólk verður læra að virða þeirra öldunga, þjálfarar, teammates / bekkjarfélaga kennara og foreldra. Kennsla gildi aðlaðandi og vonlaus, rétta siðir og sjálf virðingu fyrir heilbrigt huga líkama og sál mun innræta áru traust. Á tímum þegar samfélagið er að sækja þrýsting til að ná árangri á svo ungum aldri við höfum virtist gleymdi að innræta gildi drenglyndi og virðingu, ekki aðeins í nafni íþróttum en í mannkyninu. Sem foreldrar megum við ekki missa sjónar af þessu.

6. Fylgdu traustum meginreglum ekki allsráðandi

Þegar íþróttamenn byrja að sýna merki (eins og að biðja þig eða tillögu hvernig þeir geta fá betri á það sem það er að þeir eru að gera) getur það verið kominn tími til að kanna árangur eða íþrótt sérstaka þjálfun. Hafðu í huga að barnið verður að hafa löngun til að gera þetta. Venjulega árangur þjálfun, sem þýðir að það er áhersla á styrk hraða og krafti, ekki byrja fyrr en 13 ára aldri Hins, það eru frábær forrit í boði á þínu svæði sem mun leggja áherslu á grundvallarreglur um líkamlegan þroska, svo sem leikfimi og bardagalistir. Sum hæfni fyrirtæki eru farin að sérhæfa sig í “Youth Fitness.” Bara tryggja að einstaklingur eða fyrirtæki sem verður að vinna með tryppi þinn festist við meginreglur ekki aðeins rétta færni þróun og líkamlega ástand, en sjálfsálit, forystu og teymisvinnu.

7. Meta gildi Rest

Íþróttafólk þarf að skilja og virða mikilvægi bata og endurnýjun. Uppsöfnuð líkamlega og andlega streitu á unga aldri getur haft mikil neikvæð áhrif á lífsgæði á heimilinu í skólastofunni og á vellinum. Rólegur tími fyrir naps, heimavinna og nám eru mikilvægar fyrir ung börn. Foreldrar verða að gera nauðsynlegar ráðstafanir til að veita nægilegt magn af hvíld og næra að hlúa börnin sín og halda huga þeirra og líkama eins sterk og hægt er.

Stephen & Tina Conca eru höfundum www.

úrræði fyrir foreldra í að hjálpa þeim að stuðla að heilbrigðu og virkan lífsstíl með börnum sínum á meðan að byggja upp og viðhalda “Fit Family.”


3 Ways that failed to solve the obesity epidemic – Big Time


Two-thirds of all Americans are overweight or obese. It means that when you go to the mall for every ten people you see six will be overweight or obese. Amazing! This number is growing. Soon seven out of ten will be overweight or obese. It is now common for adults in our society to be overweight and obese than in the healthy weight range. It’s not just adults, though. Childhood obesity is also increasing at alarming rates. Health consequences that these children face and are going to continue to face their future is a true tragedy.

Naturally, the obvious problem with obesity is that it causes major problems. Obesity significantly increases the risk for one type II diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer, as well as psychological illnesses such as severe depression and complete reduction of family / community.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, said that obesity will soon take over tobacco as the leading cause of death prevention. Harvard School of Public Health found that one third of all cancers are due to nutritional issues, mainly obesity. It has also been observed that obesity will soon be responsible for more cancer than smoking.

It is no exaggeration that in 100 years people will look back on this time and talk about the obesity epidemic and how it spent more than any epidemic in history. Epidemics like the black plague and AIDS will pale in comparison to the devastation caused by obesity.

We fight fat is not simple. We know there is no magic diet that will work for everyone. If there was a magic diet or pill that would not be an epidemic. It is not an isolated response (eg, a diet, one pill, one exercise routine, a self-help tape) to fight fat, fighting fat is such a complex problem.

Fighting fat with these methods – one diet, one pill, one exercise routine, a self-help tape, and surgery – has two. First, it has failed to result in weight, and second it has made a lot of people very rich.

Billions of dollars are spent by consumers every year in the hope of finding a solution to fight fat. Unfortunately, all that is really buying is the equivalent of a Band-Aid to fix a bullet wound. They are superficial fixes that do not attack the problem at the root, and the offer either temporary fixes or not attached at all. These are not great scrutiny. All you have to do is look at the problem at hand, then look at the solutions available and work, and finally look at the results of these solutions have provided thus far.

Let’s look at the problem at hand first. Obesity is an epidemic that will soon be responsible for more deaths each year than any other to prevent the cause of death. This epidemic has been growing like wildfire over the past two decades, and continues to grow with no end in sight.

Next, we will look at the three most common solutions available and applied to solve the problem. The first is a fad diet. Here is a short list of fad diets you may have heard about before: the cabbage diet, grapefruit diet, lazy diet, Atkins diet, 3 day diet, 7 day diet, 30 days diet, chocolate diet, fruit diet, low fat diet, South Beach diet, negative calorie diet, six times a day diet, one good meal diet, the Hollywood diet, The Zone, Sugar Busters, Carb Addicts, Sugar Addicts, Jenny Craig, Dr. Phil, metabolism diet, protein power, glycemic index diet, fast food diet, Alien diet, etc.

The second most common way offered to fix obesity epidemic by medication, aka diet pills. There are two classes of drugs. They are known as the increasingly popular all natural medicines, and growing in popularity manufactured pharmaceutical drugs.

third way offered to fix the obesity epidemic is actions like liposuction and gastric bypass.

Now let’s look at the results. We’ll start with fad diets. Fad diets usually result in the early weight loss, after the cycle of frustration, loss of motivation and weight gain. Diet plans do not include how to change behavior, because they fail. For an individual to achieve lasting weight loss that they have to change ‘frame of mind’ them. These fad diets do not do this.

What about drugs? Let’s start with all natural pills, drinks, powders, etc. One of the biggest money making marketing strategy over the past 10 years has been to attach the words “all natural” to everything. For some crazy because people think that just because something is from nature that it is not only not harmful, but good for you. In addition, this marketing method to be very effective it will attack anything as being harmful content. You hear this all the time been identified, not put them in the body, instead of using this all natural ingredients. The whole thing is not based on the truth and potentially very dangerous.

First of all, everything is material. Have you every tried dihydrogen oxide? Dihydrogen oxide sounds like a pretty serious stuff is not. Well common name is water. Water is made when two hydrogen atoms are chemically bonded to an oxygen atom – H2O. Life can not exist without water. However, if you drink too much water you will die from the toxic water. Of course, water can be toxic. Anything can be toxic, and all materials.

Would you eat arsenic, plutonium, mercury or lead? Why not, they are all natural. Each one is fundamental in nature. If you are really interested in getting some arsenic you can find it in apple seeds. Do you know how many deadly toxin produced naturally by plants one? Many yard are full of them.

The bottom line is that it is insane and very dangerous thinking something is good for you and not harmful just because it can be found naturally. Do not let All Natural marketing strategy always convince you again! You know what I say all natural diet pills and all other all natural marketing is presented with a powerful multi-billion dollar Health -. Have emptor which means buyer beware

The truth is that the mechanism of most diet pills is that they contain any stimulants, usually form of caffeine. For example, guarana is a very popular ingredient in many diet aids. Guarana is a climbing plant common to Brazil that produces fruit which has about three times the amount of caffeine as a typical coffee beans. The bottom line is that Guarana is all Natura ‘and it contains the stimulant caffeine. There are many names for caffeine. When the guarana called guaranine it. When it is found in the Yerba Mate plant it called mateine ​​and common tea leaves caffeine called theine. They are all synonyms for the same compound. All these different names allow marketers to hide the fact that their products only contain a lot of caffeine or caffeine metabolites.

Overall, stimulating increased metabolism is the result of burning more calories. Stimulants also raise blood pressure, irritate the nervous system, cause your heart to work harder, and focus on your cardiovascular system. In addition, over time, the body grows tolerance to stimulants and the only way to get the same effect is to increase the amount taken. As you can imagine, this can be very dangerous. Oh by the way, is another popular plant leaf that contains all natural stimulant that boosts your metabolism and helps burn calories. It is known that cocaine. Are you getting my point?

are pharmaceutical manufactured diet pills better? Since weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry, everyone wants to participate. Large pharmaceutical companies are no different. They have large budgets spent on weight loss research and development. Their goal is to find materials that can be taken by overweight and obese individuals will lead to weight loss.

process to find a chemical like this begins with studies of lab animals, such as rats. If they find content that shows positive results in animals without causing any apparent damage, they go to the next level of human research. Initially, products will be tested on small groups of volunteers or paid participants. If these initial experiments promising, the research will be larger. If time and the number of studies, the content is shown to be effective – statistically – and not harmful – within it – then the content will be considered safe and effective for public use. It will then be on the market, recommended and sold.

This sounds reasonable, but here’s why this has not led to solve the obesity epidemic. The studies are limited to a relatively small sample of the population. Just because it was a positive result does not seem harmful side effects of this relatively small segment of the population does not mean it is going to be safe and effective for the population as a whole. All are physiological and genetic differences. There are too many differences between people in the general population for a drug to be safe and effective for everyone.

Have you ever heard of Fen-Phen? Fen-Phen is a combination therapy of two drugs and remedies Dexfenfluramine which was designed and touted as an effective and safe weight loss drug. Well it was not long before the physiological differences among the population popped up, and the FDA was bombarded with reports of Fen-Phen cause heart valves. The final result, Fen-Phen was withdrawn from the market, a large law suit ensued, people were physically damaged, and obesity is still an epidemic.

third unsuccessful attempt at curing obesity epidemic is through actions such as liposuction and gastric bypass. Liposuction is an action where fat is sucked out where it accumulates under the skin. This sounds pretty cool except for the fact that it is not a permanent solution. As soon as a man begins to take in more energy than is being used his body very efficiently start making brand new fat cells to store excess energy. In other words, this “solution” is not going to last long if eating behaviors that got them to this point instead of continuing after surgery. Liposuction is just a temporary solution.

gastric bypass is a special function that basically removes and re-routing part of the gut physically limit the amount of food that can be consumed and absorbed. This action is extreme, painful, and very dangerous, as numerous people have died from the surgery itself. If the surgery is successful, the man is usually lose weight. They lose weight because they are physically limited to what they can eat. If they overeat, often means more than a few tablespoons of food at once, they will vomit up.

One problem that arises is that it is difficult to get the proper absorption of nutrients. In addition, what happens is that force feeding, gastrointestinal tract grows larger and larger amounts of food. Before too long these people can eat as much as they had in the past, which means cover all the weight back. Gastric bypass, by itself, is not a permanent solution.

What do all these ‘solutions’ have in common? They are all a quick fix, they need very little effort on the part of the person trying to lose weight, someone else is making money, and they are not effective in producing lasting weight loss.

In all fairness, a solution to all problems is a quick fix and requires little work is never going to be a permanent solution. Once again, there is really nothing great to be here.

What is being done by the Government and schools? Never in the history of human existence has the rate of obesity increased more than it has over just the last two decades. Of course, the obvious question is – why? Well, the correct answer is that there is no one reason. I would like to point out some of the major causes.

In the September 2007 issue of Scientific American, NYU professor Marion Nestle pointed political cause obesity. She noted that in 1980 Reagan Freedom management industry freed up agricultural production. This encouraged farmers to grow more food. Calories available per person in the United States increased from 3,200 per day in 1980 to 3,900 a day two decades later. There is a difference of 700 calories available in the US food per person per day.

Let’s put this in perspective. With everything else staying constant, if you eat 500 fewer calories a day, you will lose one pound of fat every week. Based on this, if you consume 700 extra calories a day for a year and you would get 73 pounds. Now most people do not get this much weight this year because there are a lot of other variables that need to be, but you get the idea of ​​the importance of this political move had on the obesity epidemic.

This led to one of the most important causes of obesity – increased portion size! Professor Nestle will further the following: first in 1980 also marked the emergence of shareholder value movement on Wall Street. Shareholder demands for higher short-term returns on investments forced food companies to increase sales in the marketplace that already contained excessive calories. Food responded by seeking new sales and marketing opportunities. They encouraged before circumvention practices that eventually changed social norms, such as frequent between-meal snacking, eating in book and clothing stores, and serves a larger share.

There is so much food available to feed establishments, such as restaurants, use a large portion sizes as a marketing tool. We have grown accustomed to air conditioning and these huge portions of food. The bottom line is that things are simply too much. It is sadly ironic that there are people literally starving around the world and still true to say that there is a surplus of food. The problem of hunger around the world is not enough food. The problem is food distribution. It is an economic and logistical problems.

Since we are the government, let’s talk about the Food Guide Pyramid. The Food Guide Pyramid, developed in 1991, underhanded attempts of the government to educate people on how to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Branch of government responsible for the production of the Food Guide Pyramid is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). First of all, do not you think that it is more qualified branch of government to decide what constitutes a healthy diet – such as medical or health branch? You know, the branch that actually has people really qualified to talk about treatment and health. When I need to know how to plant corn, I’m going to call the Department of Agriculture, not when I want to know what diet will keep me healthy.

Walter Willett, chairman of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, said that the pyramid of government is based on “shaky scientific foundation, and it is tremendously flawed”. Dr. Willett is building its response on the very best science and studies we have available today. And when he was asked about the government’s food pyramid stand fat, protein, dairy and carbohydrates, Willett said none of this is correct, and the pyramid is so out of step with the scientific evidence that it has almost be completely dismantled and rebuilt from scratch.

Why would the Department of Agriculture do this? If you learn the Food Guide Pyramid, you would see that it recommends that individuals, by far, getting the majority of their daily calories from agricultural products such as rice, pasta, bread and potatoes. Yes, it is self-serving guide that benefits lobbying groups such as the United States Potato Board and other groups of farming interest groups. This has nothing to do with a conspiracy theory, but everything to do with simply lining pockets and serving political agenda. Sad, but true.

In 2005, the government released a new version of the pyramid called Pyramid me. It’s just more vague, and therefore less able to be directly attacked. All you need to know about the new pyramid is that it is still put out by the Department of Agriculture.

Are our schools to do better? Let’s start with the basics – school lunches. Read the following guidelines from the US Department of Agriculture for school lunches. Then you can be the judge as the best interests in mind. I do not think you’ll do the best interest of our children.

This is a direct quote from the US Department of Agriculture. In general, public or nonprofit schools of high school grade or under and public or nonprofit private residential child care institutions participated in the school lunch program. School districts and independent schools that choose to participate in Lunch Program receive cash grants and administered by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for each meal they serve. In return, they must serve lunches that meet federal requirements. In addition to cash rebates, schools are entitled by law to receive food commodities, called “rights” foods. Schools can also receive “bonus” products they are available from surplus agricultural stocks. School food authorities can also be reimbursed for snacks served to children 18 years of after-school educational or enrichment programs. US Department of Agriculture

Another inexcusable act committed in schools is a strategic location and availability of vending machines. These vending machines are filled with soda, candy, caffeine and sugar laden energy drinks, chips, and cupcakes. Food and vending business deals have put their machines in the cafeteria, halls and even a gym. The companies get the money, the school gets the money, and the kids get overweight and unhealthy.

Perhaps the most sinful act of all, however, is to reduce / elimination of movement in the curriculum. Gym class and recess are disappearing. Child obesity, diabetes in children, hypertension in children and restlessness in children are all increasing. You do not have a medical background to see the connection here. It’s more of just monitoring and common sense.

As a high school teacher who teaches freshman and sophomores, I see first hand the level at which students are prepared after they leave the school. I’m not going to discuss math and writing skills, but I’m going to point out the lack of real world preparation that these students have. Bottom line is that the secondary system is dropping the ball when it comes to the real preparation. This includes things like: writing a resume and interview for a job, understand the different types of mortgages and other basic information when buying a home, understanding contracts such as leases, leave credit cards, bank loans, car loans, and credit score, understanding how to leverage and invest money; equities and real estate, understanding the importance of basic health maintenance as regular dental and doctor visits, regular self breast and testicular exams, understanding the basics of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, understanding real health associated with obesity and understand how to read food labels and serving size.

This list could go on and on. From the above list I can guarantee you that if properly educated the following tragedies would have been limited US foreclosure Explosion of 2008, massive credit card debt, and of course the obesity epidemic in the 21st century

HG. Wells said that human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe. I hate to say it but I think our education system is losing. We need to change! If we are going to defeat this epidemic, we need to start doing things differently. We can not attack this problem and we have been, because it obviously is just not working.


Barnið þitt er feitur (Straight Talk fyrir foreldra)


ég gæti hafa sagt, “of feitir,” “yfirvigt”, “corpulent,” “digra” eða “bústinn” í stað “fitu” en það væri munnleg reformulations, sem eru ágætur leiðir til að segja “fitu. ” Það er tegund af eins og að segja “auka yfirheyrslu” fanga, í stað þess að pyntingum. Ég tel að við vitum öll hvað fitu þýðir og ég held að það besta lýsir hvernig börnin okkar líður. Fat útlit og tilfinning ljót. Jafningja kalla ekki börn yðar feitir, þeir kalla þá fitu. Ég átta sig á að þetta orðalag er sterk en við höfum núverandi National Health kreppu og það er spáð að versna. Samkvæmt John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Human Nutrition, 2007 rannsókn, “ef hlutfall offitu og yfirþyngd áfram á núverandi hraða hennar, árið 2015, 75 prósent fullorðinna og tæplega 24 prósent bandarískra barna og unglinga verði vera of þung eða of feitir. ” Kannski við þurfum öll að “í andlitið” skammt af veruleika. Við the vegur, myndi ég aldrei beint sagt hvaða krakki sem hann / hún er feitur, en jafnaldrar þeirra vilja og jafnvel systkini þeirra.

Foreldrar, getur þú trúa því að það er ekkert sem þú getur gert það. Meirihluti gera ekki neitt. Ef annar eða báðir af þú ert feitur, finnst þú sennilega þú hefur ekki rétt til að reyna að grípa. Eftir allt saman, krakki mun örugglega segja að allir einlæg viðleitni til að hjálpa, “Sjáðu hver er að tala!” -Og þú veist, barnið er rétt. Ef þú getur ekki tekist á við yfir-þyngd máli þínu, þú ert ekki creditable uppspretta fyrir ráðgjöf. Ekki satt? Það er enn von.

Ef hvorugt þú ert feitur, held ég að þú telur að þú ert creditable fengið að bjóða upp á stuðning — meira svo en feitur foreldrar. En það er margt að skilja um fitu börnin þín. Þeir eru tilfinningalega meiða. Þeir fá oft áminningar sem þeir eru of stór-þeirra speglar útvarpa því; jafnaldrar þeirra í skólanum callously stríða þeim og sjónvarp og unglinga tímarit minna þá á hvernig þeir ættu að líta

Börn einblína ekki um heilbrigðismál. þeir leggja áherslu á hvernig þau eru samþykkt af jafnöldrum sínum. Þannig fyrirlestra um hugsanleg vandamál (sykursýki) ekki gera far né veita mikið hvatning til að léttast. Þeir vilja til að vera með, metin, og líkar vel við jafnaldra sína. Þeir þess áskynja að feiti þeirra í veg fyrir þá að ná þessum öfluga og eðlileg þörfum. Á þessum mótum, þeir hafa meiri möguleika til þunglyndis og kvíða, sem getur leitt til meira yfir-borða.

Girls hafa tilhneigingu til að innbyrða neyð þeirra með þunglyndi og lélegt sjálfsálit og strákarnir frekar externalize, kannski með leiklist út, berjast, eiturlyf / áfengi eða annarra nota sem and-félagslega hegðun. Þeim finnst eðlilegt childhoods þeirra er stolið frá þeim, eru discontents þeirra gífurlegur, og framtíð þeirra eru dökkar. Hvernig veit ég þetta? Þeir hafa deilt þessar tilfinningar hjá mér í sálfræðimeðferð. Ég fann sársauka þeirra sem Sálfræðingur þeirra.

Með búist aðvörunar ráðgjöf, börn eiga að fá nákvæma rannsókn til að útiloka hvaða læknis málefni sem kunna að hafa átt þátt í stöðu þyngd þeirra. Þegar læknisfræðileg mál er til, er það sameiginleg ábyrgð læknisins og foreldra til að aðstoða barnið. Samráð við aðra sérfræðinga, svo sem nutritionist eða næringarfræðings. Ef engin læknisfræðileg mál er skoðað í orsökin, foreldrar þurfa að augun fylgjast líf-stíl val gert af ungmenni sín og sjálfa sig. Þetta er auðveldara sagt, en mjög erfitt að gera. Skilja að börnum og unglingum, sem eru nú kallaðir tweens (á aldrinum 11, 12 og 13), eru ekki að fullu þróuð í sjálf-lærisveinn færni (sálfræðingar kalla það innra eftirlits eiginleikar) og framkvæma illa í umsjón eigin hegðun val þeirra. Það verður á ábyrgð foreldra að aðstoða þá án þess að komast burt sem fyrirlestra, nöldrari og skapa orku-baráttu. Þetta er erfitt jafnvægislist.

Við upphaf kynþroska, breyttum líkama báðum kynjum getur verið yfirþyrmandi fyrir suma. Nýlegar rannsóknir á áhrifum kynþroska sést greinilega að fyrir flesta tweens og unglinga, kynþroska er ekki litið sem neikvætt atburður. Kynþroska veldur ekki barnið að vera feitur. Fyrir þá án læknis fyrir sig, hvað veldur ungmenni okkar til að vera feitur? Við skulum skoða hvað þú veist nú þegar.

hugsa um orðið kyrrsetu. Nú hugsa sjónvarp, farsímar, tölvuleiki, kvikmyndir, akstur eða því er ekið í bíl, skólaakstur útreiðar, lækkun líkamlegum flokkum menntun, aukin klst tileinkað svefn og a gestgjafi af öðrum hegðun, og þér grein fyrir að öll þessi eru ekki virk, en kyrrsetu. Með mikla fjölda Keyrt á vinnuaflsins, matvælaframleiðslu, skipulagningu næring máltíð og einurð til að fylgjast með neyslu krakki síns af feitum mat eru veikja af þreytu nútíma lífi. Pizza stöðum, hamborgari samskeyti og steikt kjúklingur shacks meðfram helstu slagæðar bæjum okkar og borgum, benti fjölskylduna að leggja stór skaft þeirra og borða þetta dót með frönskum á hlið. Auðvitað, allt þetta getur verið frábær-stór!

Með tilkomu tveggja maka vinna, ambátt og grasið þjónustu eru oft felld. Ég hef búið í nokkrum undirdeildir miðja-tegund, þar Lawn þjónustu starfsmenn niður á hverfum til brún, skera, klippa og snyrta grasflöt, en fyrirfram unglinga og unglinga frjálslegur ganga um með klefi sími þeirra sem festir eyrun, og Auðvitað, fjölverkavinnsla með því að borða hnetusmjör / hlaup samloku á hvítu brauði. Ég held ekki að börn eru latir, en einfaldlega ekki mið raun af foreldrum sínum. Hugsaðu um hitaeiningar sem hægt væri að brenna með því að ýta ryksuga eða garðsláttuvél eða þvo bílinn

Parent Gera og Don’ts

-. Sem foreldri, ekki kvarta ekki um hátt sem þú horfir. Það er líklegt að barnið þitt mun gera það sama. Einnig, gera ekki neikvæðar athugasemdir um aðrar stærðir fólks, sem börnin okkar munu fella þá hugmynd að ef þeir vaxa að líta út eins og fólk sem þú gagnrýnir, þeir vilja vonbrigðum þér. Þeir vilja ekki vera bilun í augun

-. Ef annar eða báðir af þú ert feitur, ekki kenna ekki feitur barninu til að gera það sem þú gerir ekki. Með öðrum orðum, ef þú getur ekki fyrirmynd viðeigandi mataræði eða æfingaáætlun, halda munni þínum leggja þar til þú ert fær um að vera skilvirk líkan. Ef þú vilt þá upp úr sófanum, þú færð úr sófanum

-. Án nöldrari, hvetja hreyfingu með því að gera það fjölskyldu virkni. Leggja fram beiðni um barnið til að taka þátt þér, aldrei gera kröfu sem síðarnefnda gæti kveikja power-baráttu. Ef þú færð ekki það sem þú biður um, löngun eða vilja, þú vilja ekki vera eins og í uppnámi ef þú færð ekki það sem þú eftirspurn

-. Forðastu á áframhaldandi umræður um mataræði. Flest börn og unglingar eru meðvitaðir um mataræði. Ef þú ýta á málið, eru þeir líklegri til að verða fjandsamleg og ögrandi

-. Sem fjölskylda, læra um næringu og hreyfingu. Þeir eru líklegri til að vinna

-. Debunk goðsögn að “líta vel” er það mikilvægasta í staðfestingar annarra. Heiðarlega áherslu á eiginleika þeirra óháð tegund líkama þeirra

-. Flestir næringarríkar máltíðir geta vera tilbúinn í um þrjátíu mínútur, um sama tíma það myndi taka að aka að fara borða á skyndibita stað. Reyndu að borða flest máltíðir heima svo þú getur dregið úr feitur matvæli

-. Taktu börnin í búðina með þig. Saman, taka út matvæli sem þeir gætu notið sem eru hluti af góðu mataræði

-.. Þegar þú skoðar börnin þín að gera tilraunir í átt heilbrigt að borða og æfa, lofa þeim

– Þegar allt mögulegt , borða saman sem fjölskylda. Gera tilraun til að hafa skemmtilega samtöl. Eating verður tengd við jákvæða starfsemi sem andmæla til mat og borða sem tengist kvíða. Foreldrar, aldrei nota mat sem jákvæð styrking með börnin þín

-. Plan hátíðahöld um skemmtilega starfsemi, ekki matur hátíð þar yfir-borða getur komið

-. Ef barnið þitt nær út að þér og trúir að hann sé strítt; hlusta, þægindi, ekki fyrirlestur ekki, gera ekki hóta að fara í skólann og takast á við vondir börn, skólastjóra, kennara; bara hlusta og þægindi. Spurðu barnið hvort þú getur verið af hvaða aðstoð og taka svar hans

-. Ef barnið biður um hjálp, bregðast við því eftir bestu getu þína. Ef þú þarft aðstoð, finna úrræði í samfélaginu. Atferlismótun áætlanir hafa verið sýnt fram á að skila árangri fyrir þyngd málefni

– Ef þig grunar að barnið þitt hefur átröskun, eins og hömlulaust át, lotugræðgi eða fela mat í herbergjum þeirra;. leita aðstoðar.

Offita hjá börnum, í flestum tilfellum er hægt að leysa. Það krefst hollur átaki foreldra. Þegar óhollt borða mynstur er komið, það er erfitt, en ekki ómögulegt, að snúa. Foreldrar verða að vera þeir sem leiða börn sín sem hafa þessa lamandi röskun. Þetta verður að vera foreldranna huga-setja. Offita getur þróast í ævilöngum málið með alvarlegum afleiðingum. Ef þú reiða sig á barnið að gera eitthvað í málinu, hefur þú komið gallaður hugsun. Ef þú heldur að barnið þitt mun “út vaxa” vandamálið, þú ert rangt. Sem foreldri, þú verður að svara eins ef barnið er með viðráðanlega sjúkdóma. Það verður að vera umræða á milli mömmu og pabba svo bæði mun vera á sömu síðu og til hvað samstillta áætlun er til staðar. Þú verður að vera í samstarfi. Meira en nokkuð annað, líkan sem þú vilt barnið þitt til að vitna í matarvenjur þínar, hreyfing og lífsstíll. Lát þá sjá þú neita þér annað skammtur af kartöflum, fá af sófanum til að fara ganga, taka stigann frekar en lyftu og þvo eigin bíl. Dag eftir dag, þeir munu smám saman verða vitni góða siði, og án þess að orð sé talað, þeir vilja fylgja. Ekki það. heilsu barnsins þíns, líkamsímynd og sjálfsálit eru þess virði þetta átak. Finnst þér ekki svo?


Top Three Olympic Weight Lifting Exercises


Olympic weight lifting exercises have grown recently in their popularity. More and more trainers are finally beginning to implement a higher percentage Olympic lifts in strength training weight. This is one time the ability fashion got it right.

We have been pushing for Olympic training exercises since our inception. We not only factor them into our practices if we make them the basis of our training routines and programs. Before we get to your favorite three weight lifting our tips, let’s take a moment to just explain why they are so useful. There are three main reasons to use these exercises in weight training program

1) Greater functional strength benefits

2) Greater explosive strength benefits

3) They allow you to efficiently get in, get done and get out of the gym.

When you train using these exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups in the program weight training you are not only working multiple muscles at once, you have to train them to work well together. Some examples of exercises that do this are as follows:

– short

– Dead Lifts

– Chin / Pull Ups

– Bench Presses

– Military Presses

– Dips

– Rows

– Clean and jerks

– Clean and presses

These types of exercises require many muscles to work together to complete a lift. Not only does this build muscle in all the muscles in training and it also builds much more functional or usable strength in them. By functional strength refers to the kind of strength you use outside the gym. Whether you’re at work, playing sports, having sex, etc. Building functional strength is the strength of the better you can use your body to perform the actions that life brings your way.

When we talk about more explosive strength of what we mean is the ability to burst into action with greater intensity, speed and control. This is the kind of strength as they train for the Olympic weight lifting competition. To get a bar loaded with plates from the ground to above your head (clean and press) you are going to need explosive strength.

But if you need to sprint to first base? Cut the hanging bow and smoke HR? Make or break device? Check any boards or shoot off evil Slap Shot? Jump up and grab the rebound? Increase the distance you get a driver? What do you do when you need to lift something heavy at home or at work? Pick up your wife and carry her into the bedroom? Pick up kids and throwing them up in the air? Almost all the activities of life require a certain level of explosive strength.

increase explosive and functional strength phone while still being able to stack on the muscle is what makes Olympic weight training exercises so useful. It is the recognition of this benefit is to make these lifts more and more popular. We can not stress enough the benefits of our motto for the gym; “Get in, get done and get out.” We do not know too many people who just love to spend time in the gym. Some seem but most do not.

The fact is, it is very necessary to spend a ridiculous amount of time in the gym, even if the goal is to achieve CRAZY results. Proper nutrition, great coaching and plenty of rest are the key to building massive amounts of muscle and tremendous strength. We have seen so many people take this advice and very quickly carry all their buddies in the gym who spend twice as much time there.

Utilizing exercises used to train for the Olympic competition will help get you out of the gym faster and to live life outside the gym with the benefits of the gym. Is not this all because you go to the gym? Not to be there, but to be able to be better, faster, stronger or more when your not in the gym.

Incorporating many muscles in one exercise will take less time than to train individually. Try combining these exercises in super sets. This will get your done even faster. We recommend that you weight train no more than three days a week with the Sabbath between every day. This will allow for plenty of rest is that muscles need to develop and grow. You should spend no more than 35 minutes to complete your life. It is just 35 minutes is all you need!

Well, so what are the top three? Well, first, this is obviously part of a personal choice question correctly? Also, it depends a little on what muscle groups you are especially interested in growing and building strength. If you want bigger legs then squats and dead lifts will be high on your list. What we will do is give you three that we think if combined into one workout would be best to provide the entire body with the greatest benefit. Here they are:

1) Clean and Presses. This is one of the largest whole exercise is to the body. You have to earn your legs, core, back, arms, shoulders, hands and traps. They ordered definitely high on our list.

2) Chin / Pull Ups. This huge exercises are often neglected but multi-muscle groups benefit is undeniable.

3) Bench Presses. Because other exercises not directly working on the chest we would integrate the bench press in this life. It truly is the age old classic

Okay, so we have to say this. if we could add just one exercise in this life and it was large. Work on the feet has enormous benefits on the body. Feet base. Strong legs mean significantly increased functional strength. So, there they are. Now it’s time to start putting these tips into action. Get in, get done, get out.


How to Get your kids off the couch this summer


Spring Break has come and gone, and children across the country have started the countdown to the holidays. The question is, what are the kids to do with their vacation? More importantly, what are you doing to get kids off the couch this summer?

If your children are naturally eager to get off the couch and out the door, you should not have any trouble convincing them to do something other than play video games and Veg front of the TV in the summer. If you have been to let them do just that all year because they put the whole day at school (and they deserve a break) you may have a fight on your hands!

sit around all summer isn ‘t healthy for either physical or emotional health, what are you doing to get them up and get them to move to their summer vacation? Here are some tips from parents like you

take them apart. Swimming is a great way to get a full body workout. More importantly, it’s fun! Most kids are more than willing to suit up and spend a few hours splishing and splashing in the pool. They love to hit the water, you will love to let them burn energy, build muscle and keep fit instead of camping on the couch all day.

Sign them up for the summer camp. Too much time spent sitting around the house practically begs for an unhealthy snack habits and lack of exercise. Sign them up for summer programs and day camps will keep them busy during the day and keep them in a healthy lifestyle way of their vacation.

Hit children at least once a day. kids love to crawl, climb and run on the field during the summer, especially if they have friends to play with. Set aside at least an hour a day to take them out and let them go.

Walk, do not ride. When the weather is good there is no reason to waste time sitting around in a car. Take advantage of the nice weather to walk rather than drive when you go out to run errands your. Grab your cart if you think you are going to need room for more “stuff” than you can carry.

Go Ride. Biking is a great way to get around in the summer, and the kids love the opportunity to fly free on their own wheels. Buy the wheel and teach them to ride it. They love it, you will love the amount of time they spend outside burning energy, build muscle and stay fit.

Now all you have to do remember sunscreen …


Benefits of Engaging in Physical Education and Sports Activities


Participate in natural remedies to health such as physical exercise and sports activities are encouraged by health and nutrition experts today. An increasing number of health risks and conditions that are experienced by most people today, young or old, creating concerns about the impact of lifestyle and dietary factors that increase the risks. If you wanted to adapt a lifestyle change, make sure to learn how you can take these activities in daily life and experience their benefits.

What’s leotard?

Physical education is a form of teaching that focus on promoting activities that involve physical development and increase a person’s general well-being. This is one reason why exercise is an integral part of the curriculum of a school, especially for primary school students. This is the time where the physical body is undergoing development and participate in activities such as dance, sports, gymnastics, and gymnastics, among other categories PE are very encouraged.

Aside from the physical activities, games can also become part of the sports and sports categories. The idea is to stimulate play behavior to develop physical fitness and skills. Although physical education has been largely associated with modern society, it actually has a long history dating back to the time of ancient Greece.

Teaching Physical Education

ability for children to benefit from physical exercise and sports classes will depend largely on teaching applied. This is why PE teachers have a certain level of competence before they are allowed to teach this subject. A B.Sc. is the basic requirement for PE teachers and some may even have a research grant in the field of human behavior and biology.

Aside from teaching fitness and sports in schools, there is also a big demand for PE instructors in other sectors. This is partly due to the recent surge in health and fitness awareness we need to be active to be considered as one of the still healthy natural alternative to fight against common diseases and health.

Sports Activities

Although sport is seen today as a competitive activity, it can also be practiced for leisure and fitness purposes. There are various levels of sport one can participate in as an amateur, leisure and professional sports.

Sports classes are also held in schools to encourage students to actively participate in physical stimulation. After all, sport is not just fun and competitive, but it also teaches one the importance of taking care of your body and well-being in terms of physical discipline. There are several sporting events that one can choose from so it’s easier to commit yourself into this project, depending on what you enjoy doing most. Some of the most popular sports today include basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, swimming, to name a few.


To encourage children to participate in sports and sports activities, here are some of the rewards for doing so :.

• Depending on the type of sport, it can encourage social behavior and improve the ability of people to work with the team

• It increases your endurance and skill level, so that you stay healthier longer .

• It teaches one discipline to adapt a healthy lifestyle and take good care of one’s body.

• It promotes physical development and acquire the necessary physical skills.


What to do when your child is overweight


With the busy day to day schedule with work and things to do at home, you are often some of the things that are right in front of you every day. Sometimes you sit back and suddenly realize that the child has grown eight inches taller or / her hair has got longer. It is often the little things like these that happens every day that seem to go unnoticed for hours. Maybe you’ve been starting to notice that your child has been put on a little extra weight, or maybe you’ve noticed that for some time now and it has become a concern. If your child has developed overweight problem there are some steps you can take to help them start to get their weight back under control.

To begin with, take your child to your family doctor for a routine checkup. Your doctor can decide if your child is under active thyroid or other medical problems that can cause weight gain. Once cleared of all diseases doctor may suggest a certain type of weight loss diet or exercise program for your child to follow.

At home, you can start to encourage children to develop healthy eating habits. You can buy more fruit for snacking rather than the usual fat found in snack island. You should even let him / her choose which fruit you buy so you know they are the ones they want to eat. Also, rather than buying soda for a child to drink, buy sports drinks such as Powerade or various fruit juices. Also, try to get your child into the habit of drinking more water, and use of sports drinks and fruit juices for occasions such as lunch or dinner.

Plan healthy meals every day, and going out of children wisely and make sure your child never miss breakfast. Skipping breakfast can baby hungry and looking for less healthy things to eat later in the day. Also try to avoid eating fast food as often as possible. Eating healthy food at home can help your child to begin to learn to develop better eating habits. If it becomes a regular home routine, he / she will be more likely to “go with the flow” and start to enjoy eating different healthy foods.

Never use food as a reward for your child to get them to eat healthy. By telling your child that you will give him / her a slice of cake for desert if they eat all their vegetables, you are actually telling them that the cake has a higher value than vegetables. The cake will be a “pot of gold” you get to reach the end of the rainbow.

Another thing you can and should do is to encourage your child to get more. Encourage him / her to participate in school activities, such as basketball or track. Find out what activities are available throughout the society as swimming and volleyball, and try to find one that your child might enjoy.

Make time to go on bike rides with your child or to walk through the local park or hiking with them and make this a weekly event that you do with them regularly. The child help you wash the car every weekend. Give them some chores to do and do these chores responsibility of each week. The idea is just to have them do things that will keep them active and moving.

If a reasonable amount of time has passed after you have changed the eating habits of the child and get him / her to work more and you do not see them achieve a healthy weight, you may want to consider weight control treatment program. Many of these programs will have a variety of people on staff who are experts in specific fields, such as doctors, registered dietitians and fitness trainers. They can jointly asses the child’s needs and shape the overall best deal with the problem. They can also help you learn how to maintain a healthy eating and exercise habits for your child after the program ends. The family doctor can refer you to a treatment center that best suits your child.

Remember that the first step is simply the fact that you recognize there is a problem with the child’s weight. Being in denial about weight problem child if there is an obvious problem existing only serves to bring the child to unwanted hazardous to health problems as time goes by. Taking steps to help your child with this sooner, leading to a healthier life for your child later.