Why obesity is becoming more common


Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the United States. Medical experts have designated obesity as a disease in itself. The causes of childhood obesity are no secret, though many of us do not understand it. Some things are easy to identify but are simply overlooked. Other causes are difficult for most of us to understand. On the whole, changing our society has contributed largely to the obesity epidemic childhood.

The obvious causes of childhood obesity are overfeeding and sedentary lifestyle. Parents have become less careful about what they are with their children and how much, and those pounds can really improve on. These days, children spend much of their time doing sedentary activities, as opposed to more active lifestyle previous generations. But the children used to spend time outside playing or working, these days they often sit in front of television, computers or video games. Not only does this directly cause obesity in children, but it teaches children not to put as much value on exercise as they should, which contributes to future weight gain as well.

Along with eating too much food, children eat different types of food and is intended for the body. Our lifestyles have caused us to do what is convenient, leading to eat a lot of processed food and fast food. Social changes have caused differences that affect our health in so many more ways than we realize. Rather than grow our own food or take the time to prepare balanced meals for the family, we have taken to buy convenience foods. Often we want to not pay attention to what these foods contain these options are usually made in oversized portions. Manufacturers are including all kinds of new preservatives and artificial sweeteners and unnatural substances in food that we are unaware of. What can simply look like a TV dinner of corn, potatoes and chicken can be packed full of fat and artificial ingredients that are causing the obesity of our children. Feeding processed foods is completely different for our body but feeding fresh food.

lifestyle are very big contributors to causes of childhood obesity. It is also unfortunate today to work or fast food is often the cheapest. Not only does this food contain harmful substances, but the portions are often too large for children. Another fact is that outside influence greatly influence our children. Children see ads that glorify fast food and unhealthy eating habits and do not know the difference. Regardless of the types of food that we allow the world, these days children involved in so many activities outside the home that we often lose control over what goes into their mouths. In school, children can replace lunch items, and exposed food we would rather they did not. When children are home at meal hours, they are either enough of someone else or we are forced to feed them unhealthy foods comfort for the sake of time.

Some schools have also reduced the length of time allowed secret instead of what they consider to be educational. In past generations, the children were not in school as many hours as they are now. In addition, children were taught valuable life skills needed exercise. These days, some schools are even reducing physical education hours for the benefit of education. As a society, we need to put more importance on health and take more responsibility for the health of our children.


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