Why I care so much about obesity


Since I can remember I’ve been overweight. When I was a kid would feel unhealthy, slow and weak. There is no way for a child to feel. The other kids would tease me about my Wight and it always hurt my feelings. Now that I’m older I’m still overweight, but now I’m trying to eat healthier than I did as a child. I’m vegan and so little my family which consists of me, love of my life Justin and 1 year-old daughter Lily.

Being a new mom has made me realize how important a healthy lifestyle for children. 1 in 3 children are either overweight or obese in the United States today. Obesity is a scary thing for any parent or child to have to face that obesity can lead to terrible health conditions like heart attacks, strokes, and unfortunately even death. This generation of children may be the first to not live as long as the parents have. Clogged arteries are also found in children under 13 years! It means that they have a heart attack by the time they reach early age 30.

I’m trying to help other parents find fun ways to fight and prevent this deadly epidemic. Parents really should be given until children the tools they need to live healthy lives, so they have a better chance to live a long and happy life.

Many kids are spending too much time inside watching TV, watch TV or use a computer. Exercise is an important part of living a long life. Without exercise the body can die. Statistics childhood obesity says that the main causes of childhood obesity are a poor lifestyle, poor diet and lack of exercise.

Get children in the form need not be difficult or boring for them or you. If you can introduce fun tools that can encourage them to get up and move you have to help them get in shape. Kids can have tons of fun with fun ideas like basketball hoops for driveway or trampoline for your backyard.

Swimming is great for a child’s health. If you do not have a big garden to install a swimming pool You can look into the swimming hot tub, they are a great way to exercise and have fun all year round. These pots have a steady flow of water so you can swim right in the present. It’s pretty cool for kids and adults.

There are dancing, video games and other healthy computer games for kids who are addicted to video games too! Fighting obesity associate to be difficult it just takes a little creativity and efforts to get children to get up and move.

There are cooking game for kids who can get everyone interested in what they are eating. There are Seltzer makers and juicers that can provide your family with the best drinks are available. Find the perfect cookbook for the family and changing family health significantly. you may be surprised at how good you can find if you simply add the diet.

Kids need the support of parents in families. They will have a better chance of coming obese if they have a family support. Do not wait until the terrible heath complications show them self. Prevent it from harming children and beat if if it already has now. Together, we can beat childhood obesity.


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