While Experts confuse, Here’s a Common Sense Strategy You Can Take to the Bank


When it comes to the childhood obesity Epidemic, we’re certainly not short on Experts and studies. I just read where some academician has shown the odds of Avoiding obesity Improve When a child gets a better night’s sleep. Another recent study proves That genetics play a significant role. Now there’s some news for you. Still others studies prove That kids sitting on Their duff, expending no energy, while watching TV or playing video games needs to be factored in.

Yet another study shows That kids in low income neighborhoods lack access to good fresh food (ie fruits and vegetables) Because super markets Avoid loca ting in low income neighborhoods Because Their less profitable than in a higher income neighborhoods. Others contend That advertisers Who Are Constantly selling sugary foods to kids are the real culprits. And of course tradition Demands That McDonald’s must always be included When childhood obesity blame is being passed around.

My Question Is …

My question is … what in the world do These studies mean to the average parent or the average teacher WHO are both in positions to help kids Avoid obesity. Do you tell the kids to sleep better? Do you tell ’em it’s in your genes so there’s nothing You Can Do about it? Do you throw the TV and video games in the the garbage can? Do you demand That super markets relocate, or advertisers stop Promoting products That Generate Profits?

In other words, for most parents and teachers These studies mean absolutely nothing in terms of What They Can Do for their kids Today, this week , this month. On the other hand the Experts and their studies are being under written by multi-Millions of dollars worth of grants That are being spent to figure out how to stop the onslaught of childhood obesity, while our kids and our population Grows fatter by the minute.

A Reverse Incentive

As a matter of fact if someone Actually came up with a solution it would under mine all the Experts and all Their studies, Because there would be no more problem to study. In some circles that’s called a reverse incentive or a disincentive When someone is being Paid to Avoid finding a practical solution. What a moral dilemma for the Experts and the bureaucracies They all represent. Find a solution and lose your job / grant.

Under Mining the bureaucrats

But at the risk of under mining Hundreds of Millions of dollars worth future grants and studies let me suggest a solution that’s not being studied or promoted by Any Experts, and that’s not being funded by Any super duper, bureaucratic, altruistic foundation that’s dedicated to the good of all mankind Throughout eternity. And to my knowledge, no professor has ever tried to wrap numbers around it in order to transform it Into an academic reality. If you like plain old common sense, check it out.

Show Me 10 Kids Who Can Do Pull Ups

Show me 10 kids Who can do pull ups and I ‘ll show you 10 kids WHO are not obese. I do not care how old They are. I do not care what color or gender They are. I do not care how poor or how rich, how Christian or Muslim how, how short or how tall They are. If They Can do pull ups THEY ARE NOT obese. It’s That Simple.

Show Me 10 Kids Who Can not Do Pull Ups

On the other hand show me 10 kids WHO are obese and I’ll show you 10 WHO kids can not do pull ups … Guaranteed. And you do not need a professor to prove it. Anyone who ‘s ever been in a junior high or high school gym class has seen it with Their own two eyes. Kids Who Are obese CAN NEVER DO PULL UPS. And kids Who can do pull ups ARE NEVER obese. It’s That Simple.

It’s intuitively obvious. It’s common sense. And if the Experts knew this much They shouldnt be asking “How can we Teach kids to do pull ups? Can girls do pull ups as well as boys? Do not hate kids doing pull ups? I know I did when i was in school . How can I Teach kids to do pull ups if They hate doing the exercise? Etc., etc., etc. “

In Less Than Two Minutes

But let me just say That I can show you how to Teach your kids to do pull ups in less than two minutes with a little You Tube Video demonstration. Even better, if you’re willingness to do a little reading, I can show you how to Teach your kids to love doing pull ups. In fact handled right, they’ll love it so much That you’ll have to control Their access to the pull up bar for fear thatthey’ll overdue it. Oh, one other point … IT’S CHEAP. Anyone can afford it, Even schools in low income neighborhoods.

Lose the Experts, Act Now

Now if you’re a sick and tired of the Experts and their piles of empty studies, I suggest you tune themself out and Teach your kids to pull Their own weight physically, mentally, and spirit ally. If They Learn That lesson When they’re young, they’ll be winners in the game of life, and They Will Never Be Obese, Because you willhave helped themself learn to immunize Themselves against obesity forever. Amen.


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