What Career to Choose – 3 Tips to Recession Proof your future


Knowing what career to choose is difficult at best of times, but when the economy is not good, it is even harder.

Tip # 1

One of the most important steps when the career is to study what industries are currently recruiting. There are certain fields that are not affected by the economy, and these are usually a safe bet. Once you have established that industries are now growing, you can then look at the jobs available within them.

Let’s look at some examples. First of all, death and taxes will always be with us, no matter what is happening in the world. This does not necessarily mean that you need to consider a career as a funeral director or auditor, although they would both be an excellent choice if you have the aptitude and desire!

Think about these two areas in a much broader context and you will find that there are many people who work. Illness and accidents often occur before death and so there are possibilities in the field of prevention, treatment and research.

And if the idea of ​​review procedures to you, you do not necessarily work with people who are dying. For example, obesity has become a problem, especially among children. If obesity is not a tool in youth, young people are more likely to become obese adults and at greater risk of early death. So working with children in the field of health or nursing would be a good option.

Anything that will help people to save money, pay off their debts or manage their finances are also options if you are good with numbers, but do not want to train in accounting.

And if you are not good at numbers, take a look at the large corporate auditors and see what other jobs are available. Large companies will always hire service and may be their secretary, administration, cleaning and working facilities. The same is seeking hospitals and schools, which are good examples of employers who will continue despite the downturn.

Tip # 2

Choose a career that you can develop transferable skills. This will allow you to move from one sector to another, if you want or need to.

Among the transferable skills that employers are looking for is the ability to communicate clearly, both written and spoken word. If you are good at spelling and grammar, able to write letters and create reports of high quality and give a polished presentation, you will be in demand.

So, if you do not already have these skills, choosing a career that allows you to work on that will stand you in good stead.

As technology moves forward rapidly, IT skills will always be in demand, and so if you’re in a job where you have the opportunity to learn to use a new computer program, you will build a solid core transferable skills .

Another important skill is the ability to work in teams and also work on their own initiative. So any career that offers both the opportunity to work as part of a team and the opportunity to take on responsibility will prepare you for many jobs.

Tip # 3

when deciding what career to choose, go for one that will give you the opportunity to learn. This may mean learning on the job, or are sent on courses in college or in the house. Even if you move to a completely different field, the fact that you have participated in the program, meaning that you can adapt more easily to new situations and if you have to retrain, you must use to learn.


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