Weight Loss for Kids – Free Meal Plan Ideas


When it comes to being overweight, children, pre-teens and teenagers have it harder. The self-esteem that they build in their adolescence goes through to their adult lives. It is even more difficult for parents to deal with this weight problem. Not only do they force their children to start losing weight, they are the ones responsible for monitoring the progress of the kids and they need to deal with the delicate emotional intricacies of this problem has on the kids as well.

Meal Plan to help people

Here is a sample meal plan that will serve as a guide for parents to guide their children’s weight loss. You can change some food items, provided that they belong to the same kind you keep within the recommended dose sizes. Estimated doses on day 3 for dairy products, 4 carbohydrate, 4 for vegetables, 2 sources of protein and 3 for fruit

breakfast :.

o one large egg

o One piece of whole grain bread with a teaspoon of butter or spread

o Half of grapefruit

o One glass of skim milk


o one sandwich, filled with only three ounces of meat, a teaspoon of mayo and vegetables. Remember to use whole grain bread

o A whole fruit, like an apple or orange

o Large fresh carrots with non fat dip

o One glass of fresh fruit juice


o three ounces of lean meat that is fried, roasted or fried is better.

o half a cup of mushrooms

o two cups of fresh leafy vegetables, with two tablespoons of low-calorie dressing

o One cup of broccoli

o One glass of skim milk


o two cups of unflavored pop, go easy on the salt.

o One glass milkshake

This meal plan would work better if accompanied activity filled day. So encourage your children or teens to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Better yet, do it with them.


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