Walking – The New Health Prevention Pill


If I could bottle up a special health prevention pill,

it would be comprised of your shoes, and feet.

Recent research has shown just how much more

powerfulness walking is than Previously Thought.

I do not need to be convinced, since people

regularly see me walking all over Los Angeles

with my training Clients. They have all benefited from the

powerfulness, health producing, results of Their walking


Compared to other cardiovascular training methods,

walking is extremely convenient, and inexpensive. You Can

walk just about anywhere. All you need is a pair of

shoes, and you are off. No expensive high tech equipment is

Necessary. How much Easier Can It Be?

Another positive feature of walking is its low impact on

joints, muscles, and bones, as well as, for most people,

the physical ease of doing it.

Three recent research studies Suggested there are Even More

benefits Associated with brisk walking. These benefits

include better survival rates for women with breast

cancer, reduced risk of endometrial cancer, and

lower rates of cardiovascular challenges.

Please be aware, walking should not be simply a shopping

stroll, but a brisk, 2.0 mph plus walk. Your walking heart rate

shouldnt reach more than 55% of your maximum heart

rate for an extended period of time. Your maximum heart

rate Can be calculated by Taking 220 minus your age.

The breast cancer study was published in Recently

The Journal of the American Medical Association, and

was conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

in Boston. Women diagnosed with breast cancer

WHO Walked 2-3 mph, 1-3 days per week were 20% less

Likely to die from the disease. Those WHO Walked 3-5

times per week reduced Their risk by 50%.

The study Suggested physical activity has been linked

to lower levels of circulating ovarian hormone sem

could explain the relationship between physical activity

and breast cancer.

The endometrial cancer study, conducted at Vanderbilt

University, and the Shanghai Cancer Institute, found That

women WHO Walked for exercise in adolescence and adult hood

had a 37 percent reduced risk of the disease. Even

post menopausal women WHO Recently Started to walk

Their reduced risk of 24%. The study sample was 1700

women. Reduction in risk began after 25 minutes per

day up to 50 minutes per day.

In another study conducted at Queen’s University in

Belfast, Northern Ireland, Researchers examined the effects

of 30 minutes of self paced, brisk walking, 5 days per week

for 50-65 year old Individuals.

The results were very impressive with significant

decrease in syst Olic and diastolic blood pressure,

reduction in stroke risk, and Increased functional


Now that we understand some of the great Many health

benefits of walking, we need to understand

what is the best way to MOTIVATE yourself

can Those 3-5 days per week in.

Researchers have found That is by counting steps

far more motivational than using time to track

progress. Shoot for 10,000 steps per day. I recommend

Investing in a pedo meter to keep track of the total

Amount of steps you walk per day. You can find themself anywhere

online, or at your local sporting good store.

10,000 steps per day walkers Seem to be more aware of

how many more steps They need to Achieve Their goal as a result

of the constant reminder from the Pedometer.

A good resource for the 10,000 steps concept is

The Step Diet: Count Steps, Not Calories to Lose

Weight and Keep It Off Forever.

Staying consistent, week after week, with your walking

program is great, but adding two days of strength training,

and flexibility work is Even better.

For my “secret health prevention pill” Consider starting

a walking program Today. Lace up your shoes, take the

prevention pill, and pound the pavement!


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