Top Three Olympic Weight Lifting Exercises


Olympic weight lifting exercises have grown recently in their popularity. More and more trainers are finally beginning to implement a higher percentage Olympic lifts in strength training weight. This is one time the ability fashion got it right.

We have been pushing for Olympic training exercises since our inception. We not only factor them into our practices if we make them the basis of our training routines and programs. Before we get to your favorite three weight lifting our tips, let’s take a moment to just explain why they are so useful. There are three main reasons to use these exercises in weight training program

1) Greater functional strength benefits

2) Greater explosive strength benefits

3) They allow you to efficiently get in, get done and get out of the gym.

When you train using these exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups in the program weight training you are not only working multiple muscles at once, you have to train them to work well together. Some examples of exercises that do this are as follows:

– short

– Dead Lifts

– Chin / Pull Ups

– Bench Presses

– Military Presses

– Dips

– Rows

– Clean and jerks

– Clean and presses

These types of exercises require many muscles to work together to complete a lift. Not only does this build muscle in all the muscles in training and it also builds much more functional or usable strength in them. By functional strength refers to the kind of strength you use outside the gym. Whether you’re at work, playing sports, having sex, etc. Building functional strength is the strength of the better you can use your body to perform the actions that life brings your way.

When we talk about more explosive strength of what we mean is the ability to burst into action with greater intensity, speed and control. This is the kind of strength as they train for the Olympic weight lifting competition. To get a bar loaded with plates from the ground to above your head (clean and press) you are going to need explosive strength.

But if you need to sprint to first base? Cut the hanging bow and smoke HR? Make or break device? Check any boards or shoot off evil Slap Shot? Jump up and grab the rebound? Increase the distance you get a driver? What do you do when you need to lift something heavy at home or at work? Pick up your wife and carry her into the bedroom? Pick up kids and throwing them up in the air? Almost all the activities of life require a certain level of explosive strength.

increase explosive and functional strength phone while still being able to stack on the muscle is what makes Olympic weight training exercises so useful. It is the recognition of this benefit is to make these lifts more and more popular. We can not stress enough the benefits of our motto for the gym; “Get in, get done and get out.” We do not know too many people who just love to spend time in the gym. Some seem but most do not.

The fact is, it is very necessary to spend a ridiculous amount of time in the gym, even if the goal is to achieve CRAZY results. Proper nutrition, great coaching and plenty of rest are the key to building massive amounts of muscle and tremendous strength. We have seen so many people take this advice and very quickly carry all their buddies in the gym who spend twice as much time there.

Utilizing exercises used to train for the Olympic competition will help get you out of the gym faster and to live life outside the gym with the benefits of the gym. Is not this all because you go to the gym? Not to be there, but to be able to be better, faster, stronger or more when your not in the gym.

Incorporating many muscles in one exercise will take less time than to train individually. Try combining these exercises in super sets. This will get your done even faster. We recommend that you weight train no more than three days a week with the Sabbath between every day. This will allow for plenty of rest is that muscles need to develop and grow. You should spend no more than 35 minutes to complete your life. It is just 35 minutes is all you need!

Well, so what are the top three? Well, first, this is obviously part of a personal choice question correctly? Also, it depends a little on what muscle groups you are especially interested in growing and building strength. If you want bigger legs then squats and dead lifts will be high on your list. What we will do is give you three that we think if combined into one workout would be best to provide the entire body with the greatest benefit. Here they are:

1) Clean and Presses. This is one of the largest whole exercise is to the body. You have to earn your legs, core, back, arms, shoulders, hands and traps. They ordered definitely high on our list.

2) Chin / Pull Ups. This huge exercises are often neglected but multi-muscle groups benefit is undeniable.

3) Bench Presses. Because other exercises not directly working on the chest we would integrate the bench press in this life. It truly is the age old classic

Okay, so we have to say this. if we could add just one exercise in this life and it was large. Work on the feet has enormous benefits on the body. Feet base. Strong legs mean significantly increased functional strength. So, there they are. Now it’s time to start putting these tips into action. Get in, get done, get out.


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