The risks of being obese ignored numbers Grow


Obesity rates in the US are heading in the wrong direction, according to an annual report on obesity in America. The risks of being obese are not sinking rates of adult obesity climb in 23 states and did not go down in one state. Worse yet, the number of obese or overweight children is up to 30% in 30 countries – that is making weight related health problems like heart disease, diabetes and even cancer, that much more of a concern as these children grow into adulthood and beyond.

the fifth consecutive year, topping the list at 32.5%, Mississippi is the state with the most adult obesity. West Virginia, Alabama and Tennessee also have rates above 30%.

Eight of the ten states with the largest (oh, sorry) the number of obese adults and children are located in the southern United States.

In 31 states, obesity rates more than 25%, and in 49 states (including Washington, DC) rates are over 20%. The report has more than two-thirds of American adults as being overweight or obese.

Colorado, at 18.9%, is the state with the highest rate of adult obesity. Minnesota and Utah had the lowest rates, both at 23.1% for obese kids aged 10 to 17

But when it comes to childhood obesity in the rest of the country, the numbers are alarming. The exchange rate has more than tripled since 1980.

“Throughout almost all of human history, calories have been relatively scarce and hard to get, and exercise unavoidable part of living,” explains Dr. David L. Katz, director of Yale University School of Medicine Prevention Research Center.

“We have now devised a modern world where movement is scarce and hard to get, and calories are unavoidable. We are the proverbial fish out of water, living in an environment totally at odds with our physiology.”

On the plus side, the figures show that the rate of obesity epidemic may begin to slow down. It’s not that we are not getting fatter, but we are not adding £ at the same rate as before.

reverse obesity trends will not be easy … or something like a quick fix, but that just released a report titled F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies are failing in America in 2009 may see some bright spot

Namely improvements in a number of states have nutritional standards for foods sold in schools as well. more countries carry weight screening children

The report also some recommendations on how the government can turn things around: ..

– Nutrition and obesity counseling for both children and adults

– Screening for obesity-related diseases in both children and adults

– .. Create safe places for people to go and be active

– Support programs (at the local, state and federal levels) providing healthy foods and drinks to school, making them more affordable and support more activities during the school day -. get the kids up and away from the table, the TV and PC

– Encourage companies to offer workplace wellness programs.

forward, if you or someone you love is obese or overweight you know the health risks -Know struggle to do everyday things, but you should also understand that being overweight did not happen overnight and not can be thus obtained.

Talk to your doctor and start today to make simple, solid changes in eating and exercise plans.

slow, steady weight loss is what you’re after to reduce the risk of being obese, and before long one or two pounds a week will add up to smaller sizes, feel better and look great!


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