The need to convince your child to exercise


Obesity has been classified as an epidemic around the world with the World Health Organization. For individuals, as well as communities, are the implications of this frightening. A person with obesity also face a lot of other problems. Some of the problems include diabetes, hypertension, insulin resistance, etc. inflammation of the liver and sleep apnea are also some problems that obese people experience. All these then lean various psychological and social issues as well.

In obese children, these issues can be prolonged with serious consequences. This is where we as adults need to focus on regular exercise habits for children.

kids who are obese are most likely to be bullied by others. They also feel isolated most of the time. This could affect the social and emotional development of children even as they grow into teenagers and then adults. The issue is to give enough attention that up to 80% of obese children turn out to be overweight adults as well. This has also a negative effect on life span and productivity. Exercising regularly will help to control the strike. Let us look at some things that adults can do to implement exercise routine

o Increase physical education program :. It is unfortunate that most institutions around the world do not give much attention to the physical education programs. It should be in fact the opposite. Apart from the standard practice that they are taught in schools, children should also provide the latest information on different types of exercise. Enough attention should be paid to follow a healthy diet

o set an example and be models for :. Children copy adults if they can. The same applies to the movement as well. Parents and teachers and all those related to children, make sure to follow a good diet, exercise regime as well as to set an example for children

o set goals daily :. Try to follow a regular exercise the child daily. On average, kids need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise. This adds up to the usual 11,000 to 13,000 steps. . Check whether your child is achieving what he / she needs to

o Focus on the outdoor Children these days to find a lot of time in front of TV and computer. Studies show that children who spend more than a few hours of TV and computer are most likely to become obese. Try to give importance to outdoor games apart from video games and cartoons. The kids would love to play outside if encouraged

o Never reward kids with junk food :. Remember to stay away from junk food as much as you can. Never offer them as a bonus for exercising regularly. It is an unhealthy trend and negates all the benefits of exercise.


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