The Best Way to teach the children to stay calm if they are bullied


Many times when children are bullied, they will be filled with fear and terror, and rightfully so. This also occurs in adults when they are in a threatening situation. But what most do not know is how to manage their fears and feelings of impending doom.

One way to control feelings of fear through breathing techniques. There are many versions of the active breathing, but just keep it simple with the kids so that they can succeed quickly. Here’s what you do.

Simply practice breathing with a child with a simple five counts formula. This is very similar to the process that I teach in my program against Bully

Step 1 :. Work with your child and teach them to take slow deep breath and fill your lungs with plenty of fresh air while you can count to five. When they reach the count of five lungs are full and they simply hold your breath

Step 2 :. Have your child practice holding your breath for a moment, again, you can count to five.

Step 3 : Have the child practice breathing out all the oxygen in the lungs for five counts. When all the oxygen is that they stop breathing without taking another breath

Step 4 :. After they have successfully pushed out as much air from the lungs of those who can, to ensure that the practice of holding their breath for five seconds before breathing in again as in step one

Step 5 : .. Repeat steps one to four, three times, for a total of four trials breath

This and other similar types of breathing has been taught for centuries in a variety of applications, from meditation program to Yoga . This type of breathing is even taught to army troops to help them keep quiet so they can concentrate on the task at hand and prevent themselves from being killed in battle due to panic and do something that puts them in harm’s way is.

Now, as you read your child you can breathe with them. While you are breathing them simply hold your hand closed and put it up where they can see it. About every 1 second pop open one finger to the hand is open. While you will not be able to count out loud because you’re breathing, your child will learn to count your fingers and get a feel for the necessary timing.

When it comes to your child is stressed or afraid of a bully, or something else, they will be able to use this technology to control their emotions and think about the right plan of action that will get them away from stressful or what else could be causing the fear.


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