Some facts about obesity


Usually, many of us regarding obesity only by adults, but if we look carefully at the present scenario things have changed. In fact, the picture is very different and a warning sign for many of us. The recent studies have shown that the proportion of cases related to childhood obesity has increased in recent years and it is increasing day by day. According to the report, a private company provide the number of overweight children has doubled in the last thirty years. Gaining extra weight is not only children large in size, but also leads to many different chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

These days, parents try to make out all efforts to ensure that their child is healthy but unfortunately due to lack of information that they do not know the exact way to do it. Today with the change of lifestyle many children are taking more food that is low in nutritional value. Add to this, the movement of many children also decreased. They are spending more time with computers, play different types of video or online games and watching TV.

There are still many parents who are fat child or overweight children very sweet, but at the same time it is very important to pay more attention to their weight. There are some basic characteristics of childhood obesity and signs that can help one identify whether a child is at risk of obesity or not, like-

sleep – Is the child missing the proper energy to get through a simple movement?

Parents need to be very aware of whether all-day children’s activities are centered all in one place in the house, such as in front of the computer or TV. If yes, then it may be one of the characteristics of childhood obesity and even lead to childhood obesity

Sleep -. Does it seem like your baby sleeps all the time?

Parents must also consider whether their children are sleeping too much or not. If they are then probably it could be the main signs of lack of energy. In fact, sleep continuously for most of the time today is another major symptom of childhood obesity.

Apart from this, it also can be determined by measuring the weight and height of children. A child can be considered obese by his / her weight if weight is significantly overweight for his / her age and height. Moreover, the next most common symptom of childhood obesity one can find very easily look excessive facial features, obesity among boys in the chest, abdomen exceptionally large and very small external genitals of men.

However, one need not be a worry. Today, child obesity is totally cured. There are different methods of childhood obesity treatment can help in curing the child of increasing obese body. However, most childhood obesity treatment methods based on the child’s age and usually changes in your daily diet and the exercise. However, there are times where treatment may include medication or weight loss surgery as well.

Ultimately, it is a responsibility of parents to constantly monitor symptoms of childhood obesity, especially if their child is visibly overweight. Parents are the ones who buy food and decide what or where to eat, so they will never avoid scrutinizing eating habits of their children. A careful examination and early treatment could help prevent child obesity and developing other medical complications such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes.


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