So Coach, What Exactly Did You Prove?


I have had severalfold people pose a question That goes something like this. “So Coach, I’ve seen in Several Different places where you Claim That Operation Pull Your Own Weight has been field Tested and proven to naturally immunize kids against obesity for a Lifetime by developing Their Ability to performaces pull ups. But I have never seen the study, the data, the statistics Proving That kids Who can do pull ups are significantly more lean than Those Who can not. Can you show me That info so I too may become a true believer? “

No, I Can not Because …

The answer is, no I can not show you That data Because it does not Exist. You see in the four years That Operation Pull Your Own Weight lived and breathed at Jefferson School in Davenport, IA, the focus of the grant-which under wrote OPYOW was self esteem, and childhood obesity prevention was one Supporting component. In short, self esteem received all the testing. I confess there have been a thousand occasions since then when i have wished we’d been Specifically Focused on childhood obesity Instead, and then I would have That data to show you. But at this point it’s water over the dam.

We’ve Almost Begged to Get it Done

On the other hand I can also tell you That there have been Numerous occasions since then When I all but begged some exercise physiology student to do Their masters thesis on this topic. The data would be incredibly easy to collect, and Even Easier to write up. Not only that, but once done, They’d have a highly valuable, real world study Instead of one more dust collector sitting in a tired old library somewhere in academia.

My only speculation as to why it has Yet to be done is that it’s too bloody simple to entice academia. But, nobody’s studied Whether your nose is on your face or not Either. Maybe Both are too much on the surface, too blatantly obvious to interest an academician. Howeverwhole let me point out That just Because academia has Yet to wrap numbers around something does not mean it’s Untrue.

Now, What Was Proven?

On the other hand there were thing that we did prove, but in order to explain themself sufficiently I need to reiterate the three basic presumption of OPYOW up front. These three claims include …

1. Kids Who can do pull ups are NEVER obese.

2. If you start Them young, and use a height adjustable pull up bar in conjunction with leg assisted pull ups (pulling and jumping at the sametime) ALMOST ALL KIDS Can learn to performaces pull ups in a predictable Amount of time.

3. And if numbers one and two are true, then it’s logically irrefutable That ALMOST ALL KIDS Can immunize Themselves against obesity for a Lifetime by learning and maintaining the portability to do pull ups for a Lifetime.

Regarding Claim # 1

Now let’s talk about These three points in order. On point number one, until there’s a study to prove scientific ally or disproven this Claim, you’ll simply have to dependability on your own two eyeballs for intuitive proof. In my own case, in seventeen years of teaching and coaching, I never once saw a kid Capable of performing pull ups WHO was also obese. On the other hand, I also never saw an obese kid WHO PERFORM could pull ups. That real world experience is enough to convince me That point number one is true. How about you? Have you ever experienced anything to the contrary?

Regarding Claim # 2

On point # 2, since most people have never seen a school full of kids using height adjustable pull up bars and leg assisted pull ups to get Stronger, you kind of have to take my word for it. You could also check out all the media coverage that’s posted on the web site and presume thatthey would not cover a story That was failing to live up to its billing in spades. And finally, you could also check out the two minute You Tube film that’s on That joint web site and see with your own eyes the method That we’ve described. Then it Will Be easy to understand and accept Clair # 2

Regarding Claim # 3

On point # 3, it’s as simple as one plus two equals three. You see if points number one and two are both true, it’s logically irrefutable That almost all kids Can learn to immunize Themselves against obesity for a Lifetime by learning and maintaining the portability to do pull ups. In order to reject point # 3, Either point # 1 or # 2 must first be rejected. Otherwise, point # 3 stands on irrefutably solid ground.

One More Important Point

Now, with regard to point # 2, I’d also like to point out one more thing that was proven at Jefferson School back in the early 90’s. Not only is it true That by using height adjustable pull up bars and leg assisted pull ups we taught Hundreds of kids to do pull ups. But we also taught Hundreds of kids TO VALUE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO PULL UPS and to get Stronger in front of Their Peers on a regular basis.

You see kids Actually like being expandable to tackle a Difficult task (like pull ups) in front of Their friends, as long as They Succeed. And When That success happens time after time on a regular and predictable basis, factoring Difficult task becomes something They look forward to, something They take great pride in doing. With this realization, for the first and only time in educational history, we had a school full of kids WHO Actually Looked forward to the OPPORTUNITY to get on the bar and to do pull ups in front of Their friends.

Learning to Expect Success

In the this case, we Offered Each student a viable starting point where They could and would Succeed. Then we Increased the degree of Difficulty in very small increments, Which in turn allowed themself to continue succeeding in front of Their friends almost Every Time They grabbed the bar for Many weeks Into the Future.

In other words These kids learned to expections success not failure. They learned thatthey’d get almost Stronger Every Time They got on the bar. They learned That When faced with a Difficult challenge, Whether it’s pull ups or math problems, if you work at it regularly, eat right, get enough rest, and stay away from tobacco, alcohol, and drugs (They make you weak) That you Will get Stronger. And in kid’s language, strong is always cool. So, that’s what we Proved at Jefferson School, Davenport, IA, back in the early 90’s.


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