School Vending Machines: Why is Fat Kid


School Vending machines are students Obese

Let’s face it, kids in America fat. In fact, nearly 30% of the obese! What is causing this obesity epidemic? Where does the blame lie? It is hardly fair to blame the kids themselves; they are too young to make smart food choices when their parents are not around. And what about when their parents are around? What are you teaching your children about healthy eating habits? You can do it the best you can at home and serve well-rounded, properly portioned meal at dinner the children spend most of the day in school where you have no control over what they eat and how much they eat. We all know that school lunches are not the healthiest food in the world. Processed meals featuring frozen meat and starch lacks the necessary fruits, vegetables and whole grains that kids need to maintain proper weight. Where other children get food at school? Fear school vending machines take money for the children and make them fat.

Effects Eating junk food in schools

There are many reasons kids do not need to eat junk food in school. Not only does it affect their physical health, it affects mental health as well. Eat lots of empty calories and processed junk you do not fill it zaps your energy. Kids are not getting any “value” of this type of food. It does not knock their bodies or give them energy to perform throughout the day. They have a sugar rush followed quickly by a sugar crash that leaves them wanting another sugar “high” and the vicious cycle continues. The same applies to salt carb-laden snacks. Carbohydrates just turn to sugar and have the same effect on metabolism kid. A junk food diet will also cause children to lose focus, feel sluggish and perform poorly in class and on tests. Circulation can even slow down if you eat too much junk food and fat gets in the way of the blood flow. Brain capacity can also be at risk as a steady diet of junk food will cause a lack of oxygen, nutrients and protein to the brain. Further effects include heart disease and high cholesterol. As you can imagine, these health care that the child can have a major impact on life long kid. It is much harder to correct these health problems but it’s just to avoid them in the first place. Fat kids turn into fat adults, which is why over 25% of Americans are obese. Learn proper eating habits of children will help these children to maintain a healthy weight and body fat percentage as they grow older. School vending machines do not help kids make healthy eating choices.

Why Do schools have vending machines?

It seems so obvious that if you remove vending machines in schools, children will eat better. It is not so simple, unfortunately. Our schools are terribly underfunded and vending machines offer the profit stream that they need for their operating budgets. Schools receive money from the government under the National School Lunch Program which feeds more than 30 million children daily in over 101,000 schools. But it is simply not enough. One dollar per student is not enough to provide them with a healthy meal. So schools improve cafeteria offerings by adding vending machines other food options for students. Margins of vending machines are the huge mark-up is so high. And students visit the vending machines again and again because of the addictive power of sugar and carbohydrates have on the body.

Changes in Store for School Vending

There is light at the end of the tunnel junk food. The legislation is up for a vote that could mark the end of school vending machine era. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act will give more money to the schools and will allow the Minister of Agriculture to establish nutrition standards for schools. Parents and schools can also play a major role in the eating habits of our guys. Schools can voluntarily remove junk food vending machines and / or replace them with healthy vending machines that offer kids food options that fill them up and help them focus throughout the day. Parents, real change has to come from you. Start with how you eat. Kids see what you eat and they are more likely to listen nutritional advice if you are eating healthy foods yourself. You can not eat pizza and expect kids to eat salad. Get your kids involved in cooking healthy meals. The more invested they are in the process, the more likely they are to eat something they are not usually fond of. Perhaps most importantly, parents need to put pressure on the schools their kids’ to make the necessary changes. Most school administrators will just let the vending machines still if they are not asked to remove them. If you take a position on health for children, schools will be forced to make changes.

We all know that change is taking place to help our children get back on track. They are simply too fat and the fault lies with the schools and parents. Vending machines are the main culprit, however, as they continue to provide our children with junk food that reduces their health and their ability to learn. Change has to come from both parents and schools in order to remove these machines and increase the chances of our children have in life. Their success in school, college, professional life and their health depends on it.


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