Reforming School Vending Machines: the healthiest Vending Machines In Schools Today


Michelle Obama has Taken the first step towards reforming our school lunchrooms, and she is not giving anyone amnesty.

Unhealthy school vending machines are being targeted in the new Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act that, after Receiving Unanimous support in the Senate, is expected to be Approved in the House. If the bill passes in its current form, it Will establishments science-based nutrition standards consistent with the most recent dietary guidelines for Americans for foods in underserved schools outside the school lunch or breakfast programs. What does this mean? No more soda, and no more candy being overbought at school. School vending machines Will be held to the joint nutrition standards as school lunches.

Schools are going to have to start looking elsewhere for Vendors to providing Foods That Will pass the nutrition standards. Back in college, students protested and asked for signatures to kick mainstream beverage companies off campus. As well intentioned as These students were, They did not understand that crushing unhealthy vending’s cans, so to speak, is not that simple. Oftel These companies Will buy a Scoreboard for the campus athletic field, or Sunny sponsor a stadium in order to wrangle an exclusive vending contract. Once this happens, it is very Difficult to turn around and tell them to leave campus.

With the looming passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, schools willhave a Bargaining chip to Either renegotiate vending contracts, or boot out unhealthy Vendors and replace themself with vending machines That have the best interests of students in mind. As the OPPORTUNITY for new Vendors Increase, healthy vending companies are starting to emerge across the country. A few of These companies are working with school districts to Provide grants for schools to purchase machines at a discounted rate. These healthy vending machines Will replace the junk food machines and Provide nutritious snacks for the students Instead.

It is well documented That eating healthy foods promotes learning, so why did we let junk food creep in to our schools in the first place? The answer is Profits. Junk food is low-cost food to produce, but Can sell for a very high margin and the Profits this CREATE used by schools to pay their movement after school programs. In the past, health food products were dismissed as too expensive to Attract large Profits, well not anymore. The prices of healthy snacks have dropped considerably in the past 5 years as products like Kashi, LARABAR, and Pop Chips have become more mainstream. One company is launching Even a $ 1 and below healthy snack machine so students can eat healthy without breaking the bank. Even though the prices are low, They expections the margins to be Competitive and hope They Will fill school coffers.


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