Reflections of youth


In terms of human development, it is much more important than childhood. There is experience in the early stages of life that shape how we see the world and the people who we will become. While it may seem simple, the importance of children having childhoods can never be overstated. Unfortunately, all too many examples in the world where children are forced to grow up too quickly from the hand of almighty adults. When innocence is gone, it is gone forever.

Children need to be encouraged through positive reinforcement to give them the confidence they need to dream big, Constant belittle and lack of praise in a child’s life can ruin their self-esteem beyond repair. This can come in the form of insults from peers, or, as shown in, a domineering adult.

It is common that children take the offensive stance against parents and public figures. From the diary of a young girl, 1921 to peek into the world of a young girl and her relationship with her mother, family and friends. What is important to note here, is force a child expresses feelings and creativity through vehicles such as calendar. Such experiences help to find who they are.

Although most parents do all they can to protect their children from harm, some events can not escape. In my youth of War, the author shows how the scars of childhood haunted never fade. Children need to have the freedom to express themselves; paint and sing and dance and play. And they need to grow in a positive environment. A rich, full childhood ensures the adults of tomorrow will know exactly who they are and what they will do with the world.


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