Obesity in children – 11 Tips to help your child lose weight


One of the biggest disaster of modern living is obesity in children. Huge bodies of these children allow them to play happily with their peers. Dieting, as well as battling with self-esteem problems that obesity brings all, is an absolute necessity for obese children.

If you have an overweight child, you must try all means possible to get him or her to shed those extra pounds, so he or she can live a normal life. First and foremost, you need to consult your doctor and talk to him or her about the actual process for the child to not only lose weight, but also to maintain good health.

To be honest, if you hesitate to make basic necessary measures to enable your child to lose excess weight, you must put your child’s health at risk. When we do not allow our children to play on the road or handle guns, why on earth should we let them kill themselves by eating junk food?

If you have an obese child, the following recommendations will be a tremendous help you.

1. Do not punish or reward your child with food. Food is one of the main problems your child has to deal with, and use it as a punishment or reward will simply worsen the problem.

2. Encourage your child to eat healthy foods instead of fried foods. Do not keep any junk food in the house.

3. Lunch ones your child so that you are aware of what he or she eats. Do not allow your child to buy lunch at school.

4. Ensure that your child does not get any junk food outside the house.

5. Change the food habits of the whole family. Instead of eating fried snacks, eating healthy fruit and nut snacks. Your child needs fresh fruit, raw vegetables, or frozen yogurt.

6. Study the food pyramid when you are in doubt about the child’s diet. This will ensure that you give your children a good balanced diet.

7. Make sure that your child does not drink any soft drinks. You will face a lot of rebellion in the beginning, the child will develop a lasting love for the water. Water also not just a baby fully, but also digests fat.

8. Introduce a lot of movement in your child’s life. Encourage them to participate in a dance class, go for a long walk, jog, run or play football or cricket.

9. Do not allow your child to become a couch potato. Keep him or her away from video and computer games. See that your child is always active. Keeping your child active means he or she has a healthy alternative to eating. It also means that he or she is to burn up all those extra calories.

10. If home methods do not work, you can enroll your child in one of the weight loss camp, specifically designed to deal with weight loss and self-esteem issues in children aged seven and nine. One of these camps could be the answer to your prayers.

11. Let your child follow the example you set. If you avoid eating junk food or indulge in emotional eating, your child will automatically learn from you and will do the same.

You will notice a change in your child if you follow these simple techniques. Your child will carry himself with confidence as he or she shed those extra pounds. His relationships with schools will improve when all the teasing stopped.


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