Move Michelle Obama Let’s! Campaign Fights Childhood Obesity


One in three children in the US is obese. The growing epidemic of childhood obesity has asked Michelle Obama to make her let go! initiative in an effort to promote awareness of the factors that are contributing to childhood obesity and to put into place programs nationwide that produce tangible results in promoting the health of children.


The First Lady announced the campaign on 9 February 2010, with the stated aim of “solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation so that children born today will reach adulthood at a healthy weight. ” President Barack Obama assured the initiative by signing a Presidential statement on the same day of the announcement, which officially created the Task Force on Obesity.

Task Force on obesity

The Task Force on Obesity was established in order to create specific action plans, rather than to raise public awareness about childhood obesity. Task Force headed by the assistant to the president for domestic policy, and is made up of representatives from many organizations within the government

Secretary of the Interior


Secretary of Health & Human Services

Secretary of Education

Director Office of Management and Budget

The Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the First Lady

The assistant to the president for economic policy


Financing Task Force originates from the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as administrative support.


Project Task Force is four-fold:

1. Ensuring access to healthy, affordable food.

2. Increase physical activity in schools and communities.

3. Providing healthier food in schools.

4. Empowering parents with information and tools to make good decisions for themselves and their families.

Child Nutrition Act Re-authorization

One of the main tasks was to promote the re-authorization of child nutrition law. The Re-authorization Act would mean greater access to higher quality school lunches nationwide. The law was passed by the Senate in September 2010 but has not yet been approved by the House.

Let’s go! continues to fight for the end of childhood obesity and seek cooperation between parents, schools, businesses, many federal agencies and organizations.


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