Mother Blind Love Seals fortune for overweight child


The group of mothers, some of which would be classified as “Obese”. When they were asked, 95% of the obese mothers did indeed admit that classification to be true about ourselves.

When asked about their children, 79% of mothers (who had overweight children) do not recognize their own children as being overweight.

“A face only a mother could love”

In the eyes of the mother if the child can not do anything wrong and obviously in the eyes of the majority of mothers they can also be blinded to what has become a national epidemic … childhood obesity. (University of Cincinnati College of Medicine)

At 9 or 10 years there seems to be little difference in the identity of obese and non-obese children but between 13 and 14 self-esteem of obese children is shown to fall completely significantly. These children were sad, lonely and / or anxiety. These same children were also more likely to take up drinking alcohol and smoking.

In one study (Caterson 1997) demonstrated that children see obesity as a disability and, in fact, worse than losing a limb.

When the children were shown different silhouettes, children under 6 describe obesity silhouettes as “lazy,” stupid “,” Ugly “,” dirty “and” cheats “

Line drawings were shown both children and adults. The drawings showed normal child overweight child and other children with various disabilities and disfigurements. The line drawing of the “obese” person was examined by a research group “Less likeable ‘

The incredible grief this unwarranted prejudice to obese children in the study group came up with the same results.

Adolescence is enough difficult, but to be mindful of a teenager who then sees itself as “worse than disabled” as “lazy” and “dirty” and who as a result suffer from depression and loneliness and uncomfortable in the company of others, these young years will be pure hell .

Blame the parents, I was a childhood obesity with my friend and they thought that she went on abuse and parents need to take responsibility for the physical condition of their children. I found myself defending the parents and think of my childhood .

I was raised to 70 and 80 in the north of England. I ate snacks and sweets, I ate fried food and sugar pastry. The difference I think was that back then we did not have fast food available at every corner. The microwave was not yet big and my mom and dad did all our meals from real food, not processed foods. For sure it was a lot of sugar and butter and I and my brother rode bikes and walked part of the way to school. We played ball and met local children playing nearby playing field. Mom was at home when I came home from school and we had three square meals and maybe a snack before bed. My parents I should note here are absolutely fantastic and childhood optimized way childhood should be.

These days, we have fast food on every corner, we have fast food in our schools. Most often, both parents have to work and meals to be prepared in haste to increase the use of microwaveable products. The computer and video games instead of jumping rope and wheel and social decline has added to our parents today very guarded about letting their kids go play too far from home or go to a local school.

My parents did the best they could, and I believe that parents today really try to make the best choices for their children, but they really do have to fight against. With all the advertising marketing madness and misleading labeling, it will be very confusing for mom and dad today. All processed foods make meals very calorie dense and

There seems to be a “child rearing 101” classes even if you do the best you can at home the child is still bombarded with the effects of the world. the Learning Annex and if there were, they may be funded by one of the big food companies. In the blink of an eye the child becomes a parent and learned behavior passed down the line, which brings me nicely to the role of “genetic ‘.. that we have no control.

The Apple Tree and … If both parents are obese then there is 73% chance that their children will be of being obese. The two lean parents and the probability of their child being obese is only 9% One obese parent, one not obese parent chances are about 42% of children their becoming obese.

Research seems to indicate that obesity is 25 40% hereditary. 23 genes are identified, how each one works we do not know (yet), but it is believed that mild obesity can explained by genetics, but moderate of obesity is mainly due to a combination of genetics, overeating and under exercising.

Apple may not be far from the tree, but when it lands there are variables that we have some control that can mitigate the final result.

It is worth noting here the children who are breast fed for a year or more are 74% less likely to enter school overweight. Child breast feeds stop feeding when full, the mother has no idea how much milk she has taken to get to that point, but they are comfortable in the knowledge that their child has received all required. On the back of a mother who bottle feeds really have no idea how much milk it takes to satisfy their child, they are likely to feed her baby when she cries (for some reason) and so it is much more likely to be their child (unintentionally) overfed and some may also argue that they desensitize the child to its own internal activities satiety, that is, its own system of body control food intake to know when enough is enough.

parents heavily influence the basic blueprint. Adopted twins imitate but to say that we are now living in an era where for the first time in history, their biological parents and even twins who were brought up in different spurts home experience growth, weight gain and weight loss at the same time in their lives, children can do not live as long as their parents and it is not a matter of genetics is an issue education (or lack of) and social changes.

I strongly believe parents, regardless of their socio-economic status will always try to make the best choice that they are able to do for their children, but they receive no guidance, only information they receive is bias marketing the food manufacturers themselves.

obesity epidemic will take a life before they are due, it will worsen the quality of life of people and it will cost the country a fortune in health costs and still we do not see a class on nutrition, health and disease in our schools. Companies spend and make a fortune developing the next best medicine for symptoms of obesity. If we could just educate our children that in no time they also become parents themselves and the lessons learned will be passed down and maybe then we might be able to return tide of this debilitating condition.


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