It’s still teaching Fat child, it is time to “Parent-Up!”


Child obesity statistics show that as many as one half to one third of USchildren are overweight to obese. These figures have dire omen for the country as far as health care costs and productivity and the global competitiveness of the next generation is concerned. For the first time in the history of American children may have a shorter life span than their parents.

Because childhood obesity has been increasing at an alarming rate, it has become a hot topic for policy makers.

On 10 February 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama launched her ambitious four-prong “Let’s go” initiative to stem the tide of childhood obesity. The initiative calls for steps to implement better school nutrition programs, educate parents about healthy food choices, providing community based opportunities for physical activity, and opportunities to make healthier and more affordable food available for purchase everywhere throughout the country.

A number of parents do not believe this initiative goes far. They want the government to tax or make certain tax incentives from the manufacturers / advertisers what they see as directly target their marketing campaigns unhealthy foods to children. (In 2006, spent one million dollars a day McDonalds advertising to young people some of the Million Dollar daily advertising budget was deductible as a legitimate business expense ,. In fact cause some see as a government or American taxpayers pay for fast food peddling junk food to children.)

When the dust settles, however, it is still the parents teach fat child. A large number of parents seem to be in denial of this fact. After all the arguments of the fast food industry should do better labeling of nutritional content of the food they serve, and vending machines are taken out of schools, and that schools should serve more nutritious meals, parents are still responsible for assessing child spends.

It is not as if some unknown virus or bacteria was suddenly children blowup as big as one of Parade balloons Macy. It has been researched and well documented to cause a rise in obesity in children and the whole population as well, is because the low movement, frequency of eating out, and over-consumption of convenience and empty-calorie foods. These childhood obesity factors under the control of parents and parents will be held accountable. The good news is that childhood obesity is to prevent and back.

It is time for parents to “Parent-Up” and step forward and perform their duties and responsibilities as parents. Parents are charged with the responsibility of feeding their children healthy, healthy food from children through young people, and teach them good eating habits. Young children are responsible for eating foods that parents serve.

It really does not matter how often McDonalds or sweeten cereal, or soda or juice commercial airs on television. Parents do not buy stuff. Children are at risk of developing type II diabetes, heart disease, bone and joint disorders – diseases they may suffer from for the rest of their lives, all because their parents treated them the abundance of comfort and high-calorie foods. Parents need to start telling their children “no” when they want fast food every night, or when they want to sit and watch TV or a computer hour after hour after hour. If there was ever an area that requires tough love, then this is it.

It may be convenient to buy food at a fast food restaurant after working all day, but parents need to somehow, find time to shop for and cook, nutritious food for the baby. Just as some parents sacrifice to find money in the household budget and time, to make sure that their child can take music videos or dance lessons, or play pee wee top, baseball, football, basketball or football, so, too, parents must sacrifice some of weekend rest and relaxation their time to prepare the menu for next week, or cooking larger quantities of food for the upcoming busy night.

Nobody chooses to be overweight or obese, especially a child. It is time for parents to agree to do those things that are in the “best interests of the child” seriously, and manage weight-related issues before they become uncontrollable is one of them.


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