How to Stop Obesity – my child is overweight


childhood obesity and obesity in general is a tempest in a suffocating and rather embarrassing grip her. If your child is obese or overweight, do not be embarrassed as 6 in 10 people in the developed world are. And what is more than likely that this figure is more than likely to rise, as long jobs, long-surfing, higher day television viewing figures and more fast food food will contribute to this ever growing problem in our society.

childhood obesity, however, something that should not happen. Disallowing the puppy fat, children should be out and about, watching TV and scoffing at candy and potato chips. What is more, this obesity in childhood leads to often serious heart problems later in life.

So what can be done to combat this.

First, of course, exercise. But do not try to force your child to take up the sport for the sake of it. What are his sporting idol? What he wants to emulate? Maybe get a baseball bat or a soccer ball as a gift to subconsciously plant the suggestion in his mind to get active. Thinking it was his own idea falls greater levels of effort and indeed enthusiasm. Exercise will increase your metabolism rate his is a machine for burning calories.

Then you have to think about healthy eating, cut out all sugary foods. Get inventive with your cooking, by making dinners that are tasty and light and that appeal to him.


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