How To Make Cash for your school with healthy vending


Schools and Healthy Vending Machines

Is your school struggling to make ends meet? You need new books, new computers and training for your teachers? Where can you find some extra money to help your school to be able to provide all students need? You may have tried earning extra money with standard school vending machines and in the days ahead you may be forced to either remove them all together or replace them with healthy alternatives. Junk food vending machines will make the school money, but at what cost? Obesity is at an all time high in the United States and school vending machines are an important factor in this epidemic. Would not it be great if you could earn money for your school while making a huge impact on the health of students? This is possible with healthy vending machines.

Profit Potential

In the past, schools have had to choose between nutrition and profits. The only way they could make money from their machines was if they were stocked with sugary sodas and processed junk food. If they try to offer healthy choices, sales fell flat. When children have to choose between granola bars and potato chips, they usually go for the greasy chips if these products are located side by side in the same vending machine. However, if you change not only the food but the vending machine itself, becoming more attractive and snacks all vending experience will be more enjoyable. Not to mention the possibility of huge profits schools have a healthy machines. Several options are available if the school decides it wants to implement a healthy vending machines.

1. Lease and operate Program

When you rent a machine, the analyst is assigned to you to help you determine which products will be most popular in your school. You are also able to determine what type of video content displayed on the LCD screen of each machine. This could be school announcements and information about the snacks inside the machine. Leasing is the easiest option where all the work is done by the staff vending machine.

2. Own and operate

If your school decides to buy a machine (or a few machines), healthy vending expert will help you select the product inventory and get you started . Extensive training will ensure that you are ready and able to hold the machine. Own and operate their own machines is a little more work, but performance is much higher where you do not have to pay fees to the vending company. The machines are simple to set up view training videos and talk with customers staff. If your school decided to purchase a large number of machines (perhaps an entire district wants to make a purchase), representatives will fly your location (s) and put the machine for you.

3. Young Entrepreneur Program

With this option, a school can buy or rent a machine and students can operate it as small businesses. As part of the business class or as a separate company entrepreneurs, this program teaches students concepts such as supply and demand, budgeting and how to handle money. All profits go back to school to renew machinery.

Digital Advertising

digital advertising paired with vending machines seems like a simple concept. So why has not it ever been done before? Vending machines sitting in a high-traffic area, so why not take advantage of all that foot traffic and selling advertising on your machines? In 2009, the company spent nearly $ 6 billion on digital advertising. Clearly, this type of marketing is working for this company, so it makes sense for you to offer them a whole new way to spend their dollars advertising. Companies will jump at the chance to get their name in front of customers. Make sure your vending machine comes equipped with a LCD screen and let it become another source of income phone. Of course, this screen can be customized to also give customers the nutritional information about products or other information specific to the location (ie reports). But to use this technique to make money without having to do some task is the smart way to go.

Giving Back

Schools nationwide are facing budget cuts and making tough choices about which programs to stop. Some schools are unable to replace aging books and outdated equipment. It stands to reason that schools might have trouble fitting healthy vending machine in their budgets. But healthy vending company feel so strongly about getting healthy food in front of students as they offer a $ 2,000 cash grant to the school. This money makes it easier for schools to get rid of old junk food their machines and put healthy vending machines. And when they are available, schools will soon find that offer healthy options not compromise vending machine profits and even increase them more.

and schools are not the only ones who benefit from this type of generosity. Ten percent of the profits made by the healthy vending machine company is giving to charities that fight obesity and malnutrition. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States and $ 117 billion is spent on it each year. Programs like Michelle Obama Let’s go campaign directly target this epidemic with the aim of ending childhood obesity within a generation and nPlay Foundation is an alliance of professional athletes, co-chaired by NBA superstar Grant Hill and softball legend Jennie Finch, which encourages physical activity and healthy eating habits among students across the country.

Balancing Interests success

Operating healthy vending machine in your school is a smart idea for so many reasons. Not only is the huge profit potential but you can make these profits while feeling good about what you are selling to students. You do not have to choose between financial well-being and health for the children. Now you can have both. A vending machine with health and social consciousness. What could be more profitable than it?


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