How to feed your baby to avoid Child obesity


Sometimes it takes extra care in the child’s diet gives them more calories than they need at all. This can lead to childhood obesity is very dangerous for the baby’s health. In this article, you will learn how to properly feed the baby to avoid them becoming obese or overweight.

If you offer drinks such as fruit juice or soft drinks to quench the thirst of the child you may be increasing the risk of child obesity or obesity. Drinks that contain calories can take the blame for obesity in many youngsters.

20% of children who are overweight are so because they consume too many calories. Unlike sweets and savories that people know are fattening when eaten in quantity, families are relatively unaware of the caloric beverages as well.

Health experts are concerned that children who mindlessly consume artificial fruit juices and soft drinks are placed in a variety of diseases. In overweight management programs families come in and do not know why their kids are gaining weight because they do not eat that much. Parents and their children have no idea how much juice your kids are consuming. While fruit juice has nutrients that are not found in soft drinks, it can contribute to excess weight gain if children drink too much.

An 8-oz glass of juice is 120 calories. If you drink one extra glass a day can he put on 10 lbs per year! Doctors recommend that kids need to run a mile a day to burn off the juice, not even to lose weight! There is concern that parents are to give infants juice! There is no need to give infants juice before six months. If infants and young children are given sweetened drinks to satisfy their thirst, it can create a habit.

Invite infants juice before solid foods risk having their juice replace breast milk or infant formula in the diet. This can lead to infant, less consumption of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals.

For children who are overweight, eliminating caloric soft drinks and cutting back on fruit juice can have a positive effect. Eliminating sweet drinks have more value to avoid spikes in the glycemic index that make children hungry.

To satisfy the thirst of both health and diet experts recommend giving children water. Water is thirst quenching and an ideal substitute if you want to avoid making children overweight. Flavored, not caloric water is available and it is perfect!

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