How parents can help overweight Child lose fat


Over the years research studies have shown that parental attitudes about exercise and weight loss play an important role in weight loss efforts of the child. Overweight parents tend to have overweight children. For young children, if one parent is obese the chances of the child being obese as an adult is threefold. Although the causes of obesity involve many aspects, environment strongly influences how overweight. Parents of overweight and particularly obese children who are disabled, should have the child evaluated by a pediatrician or their healthcare professional before any sport or strenuous exercise or activity.

Implement child some exercise and nutrition habits

kids’ activities need to be appropriate for their age, size and physical development.

Make sure children have protective equipment for each sport or activity, including helmets for bikers. Security is a priority. Consult the child pediatrician if muscle soreness occurs more than 72 hours after exercise is not all good exercise for kids. Weight training and sports are an area where parents should be careful. Set healthy goals. Competition is fine – if it is not overdone. Talk to people who run a school or child League team to assess the attitude of the coach matches the child’s abilities.

Make exercise a family thing Focus on buying toys and gifts that promote physical activity- former roller blades, jump rope Be sure to assign household chores- wash the family car, yard work, clean the house are made of exercise Celebrate special occasion pleasant bodily functions places- such as parks, swimming pools Add exercise to weekend plans (hiking, fly a kite, swim). Plan one special physical activity event each week for the whole family (walk, hike, bike).


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