How Moms Can Help of overweight and obese children


I was the fattest kid in school all my school life. It is a miserable way to spend your youth, or anytime, for that matter. To look at me today that no one would guess it -I have been at my ideal weight for over twenty years, and I’m a mental health counselor. Some, I have no idea how it is to be fat. But I know too well. I was obese and morbidly obese for twenty-five years, and I thought I was a hopeless case for a long time. But I discovered how to solve the problem twenty years ago, lost £ 140, and I’ve been helping others. I know how to solve the obesity problem.

Two-thirds of us, the obesity epidemic is very personal, and it hurts. Physical suffering and the cost of medical treatment for obesity-related diseases is bad enough, but if you have ever been overweight myself, you know real suffering associated with obesity is emotional -and no one is more vulnerable to such problems than children. It is painful to be found defective, the suffering and tormented and criticized and judged. For fat kids, it hurts every day

But here’s the good news :. Mothers are the most important and most powerful men in the world related to solving the epidemic of obesity in childhood. If your home supports fixed behavior that produces obesity, obese child does not stand a chance to get better, no matter what the government and schools do. He or she will lead the life of an obese sick child, almost guaranteed to become obese sick adult. The only way an obese child can change is if the home and family changes, and it will only happen when mom says it

More good news :. If you have been struggling with weight myself, decide to help your child avoid or recover from obesity will not only protect your child, but it will solve the weight problem too! Here are a few ways to start:

1) Clear house high calorie junk food. Snacking and eating as if it was a hobby or sport has got to go if you want to control your weight. Have plenty of fruit and diet soda in the fridge so they have something to grab when they need it, than a house full of cookies, snack cakes, chips, candy and ice cream is the house of the obese person. People who have solved the weight of their problems have nothing of their house.

2) Feast and party occasionally, not every day. There are no bad calories in my book, but some foods are so calorically dense and addictive that you can only have them on special occasions, and then you need to send them home with your guests. Those who have Thanksgiving every day, or party every night, going to be obese.

3) Help your kid find other than food pleasures. Everyone needs comfort and satisfaction, but to learn to use food because it is a sure fire way to create a compulsive over eater. Help them learn how to take pleasure in a healthy way. Swimming, biking, playing with dolls and Legos, fishing, crafts, games and friends -This are all ways to make yourself feel good. And there are no calories!

4) Swim against the stream. Our culture promotes overeating and obesity, and if you’re going to deny it to be obese, you have to be to deny what everyone else thinks is normal. Put your foot down with your kids, your friends and your husband. Do not go to fast food unless they have a healthy choice, as some are beginning to have. When they whine for junk food (with husband) “just say no”, as if they were trying to talk you into letting them have the drugs. (Obesity accounts actually greater suffering and premature deaths than drugs.)

5) Become calorie expert. Buy calorie guide so that you become an expert in portion size and healthy choices. There are no bad foods or bad calories in my mind, but until you get knowledge of the caloric density of the food you eat, there is no way to make intelligent decisions. Eat without knowing the calories in food is like to go shopping at the mall and load up all the things you want without looking at the price tags.

6) Never use the “d” word. I do not believe in “diet” and “dieting”. Never tell a kid you have to put him on a diet. Believe me, it will backfire, just as it does in adults

Mom :. You can take the lead by modeling and demanding healthy way home. Start at home with yourself and with your family, and school and community will fall in line. You must save the child and the world with a focus on their habits and your home. Your child and the world will follow. No one gets in the way Momma bear cub when it is threatened, even Poppa Bear mother, the child is threatened.


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