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The trend is being noted is that one child in three is now either overweight or at risk of becoming overweight. This ballooning childhood obesity has been dangerously increasing due to a number of cuts in the sports and pitting the American schools and children do not get nutritional guidance, exercise that they desperately need is not being offered to children in schools where they spend the day his time.

obesity in children is of great concern and wants this development put us health care in the coming years. There are very high probability that overweight adolescents are very likely to be obese adults. And this will lead to many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and several cancers and U. S government this will be a loss in the cost of hundreds of billions in medical costs and lost productivity.

Precautions to be thinking to avoid this growing national health, to influence and take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the health and weight of today’s youth.

• Limit time on TV and the computer: A study was conducted on 192 third and fourth graders, which found that those who limited front of screen time to one hour a day, the kids were clearly leaner after nine months than those who watched as much TV as they wanted. Because this gives them time to play outside, this in turn provides for some exercise.

• Schools to maintain recess and physical education programs: Trends in schools to cut recess and physical education program is awesome; fewer than half of the nation’s schools offer physical education! So cram schools to have such programs, and in addition, they should allow the kids to play at recess and provide healthy food in school.

• Encourage nutrition education: this applies both at home and at school. Teaching children need a balanced diet effect, learning about appropriate levels and learn about the nutritional value of food. Teaching should be such that it focuses on teaching kids to make healthy choices for food rather than limiting food.

• be an active role model: to promote physical activity in children, you also should have a good diet and lean figure. You can also actively participate in the exercise of their health and may have to play with them to give them good health. You can go for a walk, play tag, ride bikes, turn on some music and dance. Making exercise a regular part of the daily routine of the family will benefit the whole family.

obese children will not be an easy life in school with evil and all. So it is better to help them in the early stages and if they are already overweight then help them to reduce weight in a healthy way is very much essential and important part of the duties of parents towards their children.


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