Facts About obesity in the United States


Obesity presents a host of problems for our children. It is defined as an excessive accumulation of fat. The risk of becoming obese is greatest among children who have two obese parents. There are many important facts about obesity in the United States that we as parents should know.

When you look at childhood obesity, you have to consider genetic factors that are particularly powerful. You also need to consider the parents’ model of both eating and exercise behavior. American children spend many hours a day watching television, which is known related to obesity in children.

There are also other facts about childhood obesity in the United States are even more alarming. Obesity in children has been linked to cancer and many other serious problems. Your child has also increased the risk of coronary heart disease, Type II diabetes, and even psychological problems.

study showed that half of parents of primary school does not vigorously. As parents, we should remember the old saying about Monkey See Monkey Do. Because if we do not practice, better habits, and teach our children to be physically active, we are going to have an epidemic. About a third of our children in primary schools have daily physical education. Although only one-fifth of children have extracurricular physical activity programs.

Exercise alone has not been shown to be successful for weight loss in obese children unless it is coupled with other interventions such as, education on proper nutrition, reduction of high-calorie snacks and a variety of low-fat snack, to track time spent viewing TV, as well as change their behavior.


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