Documented Results – The Missing Ingredient in obesity prevention


After shaking hands with old coach (he prefers to avoid being mentioned by name) that I have known for over 30 years, we walked in the gym and he began to point out kids to me. “See there, Tommy stood at the door? He’s improved from 3 to 9 pull ups in the last four months,” the coach said. “Tommy knows that as long as he can do the pull ups, he will never be obese, which is why he keeps on getting better,” the coach said.

Tommy, the first documented lead

Tommy is just one example of documented RESULTS part of obesity prevention coach aptly named Operation Pull Your Own Weight. He continued by pointing to a girl named Suzette who was playing one on one basketball against a boy named Joey. As the coach explained, Suzette has yet to learn traditional pull ups, but she has been working hard to achieve that goal.

Suzette, Second Documented Result

“Suzette’s work three times a week at the height-adjustable pull up bar, with leg assisted pull ups in order to teach themselves to do pull ups, “the coach said. “She is also holding a chart that shows what she’s done, workout to workout over the past two months. Indeed, it can be pretty close to predicting when she reached his goal. And every step is documented in black and white,” he added.

core OPYOW

Operation Pull your weight program you see is based on three simple observations. The first is that children can not pull ups are never much overweight. The second is that, using a height adjustable pull up bar in conjunction with legs assisted pull ups (jumping and pulling at the same time), almost all kids can learn to do pull ups. And third, if almost all kids can learn to do pull ups, then almost all kids can vaccinate themselves against obesity for life by learning to do pull ups, and maintaining the ability to the rest of their lives.

Wall A Wall B

In your own words, the coach, “walk into any gym class in America and ask those kids who can do at least one pull up to stick to the wall, and ask those who can not stand the wall B. What you’ll see is what I call great skills gap, where the kids on wall A are relatively strong and light, and the kids on the wall B is relatively weak and heavy. Our policy is to move as many kids as possible from wall B to wall A and to celebrate vaccination against obesity. Tommy is a member of wall A and Suzette will be soon. And both can document their success week to week, month to month.

Most Obesity Prevention Programs Lack Documented Results

So, documented results seemed to occupy center stage for OPYOW plan administrator. “Without documented success , “he said,” no program can justify its existence. That is the main problem with 99% of obesity prevention programs promoted across the nation. The government and many others have spent billions over the past decade, and the only thing they have to show for it is boatloads of failure. “

I challenge you to prove me wrong

” We are losing the war against childhood obesity, and all professionals with all levels of which are winding their hands over the trying to get a handle on the problem. They have not even Tommy is actually immunized against obesity for a lifetime as long as he can not pull ups. They don ‘t have one Suzette who can show you a weekly report on the progress it is making to prevent the possibility of obesity in her life. They are just two of many documented success stories we have in this school and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong, “the coach said.

Let’s get detailed

So I asked coach to talk more about the documented results OPYOW and explain it in a little more detail. He obliged, of course. “If you can show any of these kids that there is a tangible return on their investment of time and effort, and they are doing in consistent, documented progress towards a valued goal, they motivate themselves to get the job done. Not only that, “the coach said,” but their enthusiasm is infectious and it rubs off on friends. Soon you’ll have a bunch of kids who are excited over immunizing themselves against obesity for a lifetime because I guarantee you, not one of them has always wanted to be obese. “

They do not want their sacrifice Cool

” On the other hand, “he continued,” if you put these children in places where they are likely to fail in front of his friends, put them in a position where they have to choose between risking failure and humiliation, or maintaining their cool by just refusing to try. Give them that choice and a high percentage will stop trying and shoot themselves in the foot before they risk being uncool. “

Small Bites Plus Relentless Persistence

” We go to great lengths to avoid putting our kids in trouble. We teach that success occurs in small bites, and when combined with relentless persistence over weeks, months and years, these small bites add up to large chunks of success. In other words, teach kids to experience success, and expect results. And us success is when you’re just a little better this time than you were last, every week, every month, all year round, “the coach said.

Motivation That Fees on Itself

“And as long as our students really expect to succeed, they’ll be motivated, and they disappear, relentlessly, until they reach the goals they have set themselves. In this case they vaccinate themselves against obesity for a lifetime. If they expect to fail, however, there is no reason to try. When they stop trying they’re automatically destined to fail. Failure becomes the proverbial self fulfilling prophecy. “

Reading, Writing, and numbers

” By the way, this same formula works for anything including reading, writing and arithmetic. Take documented results and success out of the formula, however, and you are back to square one, scratching his head. It’s all about being able to deliver documented results, “he said smiling.

PS How About Requiring pull ups for discharge

Just an interesting thought struck me . What if we made the ability to do pull ups graduation requirement? I said it out loud with old coach and he thought for a moment. Then he said, “I have had similar thoughts yourself, while reducing ups graduation requirement turns them into the duty in place a chance, and in the process you want to blow a big hole in motivational balloon OPYOW is. I’d rather see students learn it on their own instead of on the instructions of an educational official. It is noteworthy, however, I must admit, “he added.


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