Dari Spotter Set The Bar High For her students


Dari Spotter taught second grade at JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Davenport back in the early nineties. Tall, trim, white, black hair, and at the end of twenty, spotter had a reputation for being a bit of a tyrant in risk, minority dominated school with all the bells and whistles.

She was not afraid to put the bar high, and was just as afraid to help their kids learn to jump over it. That meant Ms. spotter was not only held in high regard by his children, but a colleague, school administrators and parents. But when Ms. Spotter meant business, there was never any question that she meant business.

kindergarten through second grades

I happen to have been a consultant employed by a State to confer at the time, and one of my work was to oversee Operation Pull own weight, fitness oriented self-esteem project showed the kids how to get physically strong and simultaneously avoid obesity by learning to make traditional pull ups.

OPYOW nearly all kindergarten, first and second grade classrooms at Jefferson School. All were between 12 and 15 classes involved. And all but one classroom teachers hired two parents volunteer to come in twice a week to put their kids through their paces PYOW.

The Lone Exception

The lone exception you might guess, was Ms. spotter who decided that her children needed to learn to pull their own weight physical and a lot of other routes. As a result, she decided also that her children do not need adult supervision to run PYOW program. They could do it on their own while she gone papers.

They stood on chairs

they stood on chairs to change the floor height adjustable pull up bar. They completed chart for each participant every workout, every week of the school year. They encouraged each other, gave each other high fives, and in the end they were just as good to pull ups and the rest of the categories, all of which were accompanied by an adult.

they were even better

In one regard, however, the children Ms. Spotter was better than everyone else, because they took the responsibility to run the program themselves. In this day and age of finger pointing and laying blame on anyone but himself, Dari Spotter taught her kids to pull their own weight and to take responsibility for themselves in all sorts of ways, including learning to make traditional ups tear. A more valuable lesson would be hard to imagine.


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