Cooking with kids in 7 years – What I know for sure about cooking and healthy lifestyle Choices


Unlike adults, kids will cook. If they have even a handful of recipes making them feel safe, recipes they enjoy enough to want to do, their quality of life will improve significantly because they will not be entirely the packaged, processed foods designed for profit. We all know where that leads.

Because obesity and diabetes are now epidemic, there are predictions that this could be the first generation in which parents outlive their children. More than 80% of the health care budget goes diseases related behaviors -. In other words, different options equal different results

If you never learn how to care for yourself, if you do not know how to cook, then this simple, healthy solution not choice. I once asked one of my students, why do you think adults do not like to cook? A 10 year old boy who loved to cook replied: “Because they do not know how!”

Later, while cranking pasta machine, seven year old girl in my class said, “You know, if they would learn to cook when they were our age, they would like it!”

It is true, the kids say darnedest things!

So how do you make it happen? Go slowly. Know that what you add in is at least as important as what you take out. Start by committing to cook together one day a week. Make a pot of soup and one entree. The soup will be even better the next day. Just add some fresh baked bread, preferably whole grain bread. This way, you’ll have two home dinners and you will only have to clean the kitchen once.

If you double batch of soup, you’ll even have enough to take some lunch or share Quart with a friend. When you invite a friend to cook with you and share a meal even clean up time can be fun.

How do you know what to do? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the recipe selection. Put effort into one that is not great enough to make you want to give up, so connect with someone who has a reputation for good food. Ask them to share some of their favorite — those easy yet very satisfying.

small repertoire 10-15 tried and true recipe is enough to get you through the month 2:58 home meals per week. It is simply to repeat the cycle. Repetition and do it together, are two of the key factors proven to make the changes possible and sustainable.

You can do it. You can save money, eat better and enjoy the family even more when you get back to the basics. It is a study that showed when it was the home of garlic bread on the table, negative communication went down and positive comments went up! Go figure! The benefits of home cooking are immeasurable. With some support, healthy living can be easier and more fun for those you might have imagined!


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