Children Fat? Child Obesity is now a major problem


There used to be just a topic for anecdote that we had as classmates an obese child or adolescent and we can get along with them in the situation very well as some others might even make a joke of it and make some bad part. But the fact is that it was just a few people being obese and therefore they called our attention by being a kind of different. But those days are long gone. Child obesity is no longer symptoms some children, but it has become an extended condition that affects an important proportion of the youth population in America and many industrialized countries.

It is widely documented that obesity is a major threat to the health of our children in many ways. For example:

– It affects system of

– It can affect the lungs

– Configuration and direct Mal formation during the growing period can be caused by being obese child

– It can also be caused gastrointestinal obesity

But why is it that our children are becoming so fat in our exchange? The answer, as you may already know, comes directly from high calorie intake and where those calories come from? They come mainly from junk food, particularly excessive consumption of junk food from more healthy and natural food choices.

However it is not all junk food may be the main cause, but there is a second and equally important factor that has helped to spread the obesity epidemic among our youth. This is a dramatic lack of movement in many cases, obese children, because a long time in front of the TV playing video games or simply watch TV. This does not mean that we should confiscate all video games and throw the TV out the window, but everything will be done wisely and not excessive. We all should be that we have bodies too and that it needs maintenance and function to function in the best conditions. Especially children and youth who are in increasing levels of physical development and do not forget about their bodies.


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