Children and strength – 3 variables to consider before your child should start with structured program



If you are thinking about getting your child participate in organized exercise program there are several variables you need to consider. For the sake of this article I will discuss three parameters that you should consider before you sign your child up for a well-structured fitness, weight-loss, or grant program. Before considering severe methods childhood fitness for a kid or kids you should ask yourself the following three questions:

1. Does your child mentally mature enough? This is a very important question because I have practiced or attempted to train adults who were not mentally mature enough to exercise. If you do your job and hire a competent coach who is on top of their game then you will only halfway done. Most failed fitness programs are participant failure, not the program is being taught. This is a key factor in whether or not the child’s ability and strength program will succeed.

2 Is your child coachable? Once again, this is a big question. Perhaps the child has the mental development of the workout, but they are interested in? Are they committed? If a kid is not going to put forth the effort, they will not succeed in the program. They have to be coachable. Every successful athlete and participant must be coachable to make progress. Even with the help of a coach or a coach this is a must. Any good coach or trainer will tell you the same thing!

3. Is your child physically ready? Ok, now we have addressed mental maturity and attitude, so what about the physical part? This is also important. Once again, physical kid needs to be coordinated and able to participate. If they can not because they are simply little or not able to cope with basic tasks, they are certainly not ready! I know this seems like an obvious statement, but sometimes parents have a difficult time to accept the truth himself. When strength training with kids, or anyone, the participant must meet certain conditions. Do not just assume your child is ready just because they say they are. Do your due diligence to find out!


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