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childhood obesity; it is a subject that is constantly in the news and on the minds of many people. You can not help but notice. Every day you are bound to see many overweight children, some severely overweight. I just can not get my head around it.

I do not understand how it can be like this and constantly be getting worse. But I became a special on TV last week. The show was the scene of childhood obesity. There was a panel of experts. There were doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and exercise Physiologists. All were voicing their concerns with the seriousness of the problem of childhood obesity has become all the terrible health consequences these children are facing and are likely to face as they get older. Sounds like a good show, right?

Well, I could not help but notice the overwhelming conversation turned to what the government and food and society, etc. can be done to fix it. I was waiting for that point aliens come down from outer space and solve problems.

They talked about the absence of gym classes in some schools, the quality of food served in school cafeterias, lack of government programs educate the public about health. This may be true but there is talk about what is happening at home. Why does it seem that people do not want to deal with parents? Is it going against political correctness to do it?

When I think back to when I was young, exercise a child does not come from the gym class they took, it came from being active when we were not in school whether it is sports, playground or just playing out in front of the house. Often these days will say it is not safe for children to go out and play, well what happened to watch the kids play or play with them or take them to a playground? There is only one excuse

As for the food in the cafeteria, it was no different than it is today. in fact, it was probably worse since some schools are beginning to make improvements. Of course, if you really think that the health of the child, if suffering from cafeteria food but why do not you pack them a lunch instead of waiting for things to change?

and education, well we know a lot more these days about health and fitness than we did in previous generations. So why is it that personal responsibility is not even on the table when it comes to this forum. I literally could not believe what I was hearing about this show. There were parents of obese children on the show and not one of the panel members had the idea to say, get the junk out of the house, feed the children nutritious food and go out and take the children.

it is easier to say that parents are too busy and do not have time to cook than to say that if you are a parent, part of being a good parent is to provide healthy meals. There are many busy, working parents who cook for their children. This is just one more excuse in a sea of ​​excuses that people use. We want to teach McDonalds and we want to blame hydrogenated fat prepackaged foods in grocery stores because we do not need to put the blame where it belongs, with us. We need a wake up call and we need it quickly. Cots our lives depend upon it.


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