Childhood Obesity Prevention – How to prevent obesity of their children


With the ever increasing obesity rate, parents are getting more and more worried about their children & prevent their child or children from becoming obese. In this article I want to share three ways you can prevent childhood obesity in children.

Some want to blame obesity growth of fast food restaurants or processed foods in grocery stores, or the video game company for making children overweight. They think it is their fault because they put temptation in front of the children and put all those ads making kids will do things that make them overweight. But these companies are not to blame. Sure, they contribute to the problem, but they are not the main thing. The real reason children become obese due to their parents. Their parents let them play video games or watch TV all day. Their parents buy all processed, unhealthy food that children eat. Their parents take them to fast food restaurants to eat. Worst of all, often parents set a bad example for their children.

There are three things that you, as a parent, need to do to prevent children from becoming overweight or obese.

1. Limit time of the TV or video games. This plays a role in the obesity rate. Children sit around on their ass all day, not to use up the energy that they get from the food they eat and packing on the pounds of fat & their parents let them. As a parent, you need to limit the amount of time you let them spend doing these activities that keep them from burning off the calories they get from the food they eat. For most people cutting the time they spend in half is a good start.

2. Keep them away from unhealthy food choices. This is a bit trickier, and it is difficult for parents to control. Schools have vending machines, the school lunch room gives them cookies or other unhealthy food and of course, it’s fast food. On top of that, there is often a poor choice of food in the house they can get hold of when they want to snack. If the school lunch room is giving unhealthy choice, you should send a lunch to school with your child. It is also cheaper that way, so it is a win-win situation. Then there is fast food. Keep your children from fast food. There are a lot of meals you can make in a short time, you just need to plan ahead. Is not your child worth?

Finally, the food is available in the house. Many have cupboards with potato chips, cookies and other food that just make it easier for them to gain weight. Get rid of poor choices and providing children with a better choice (like fresh fruit).

3. You need to create a supportive environment. If your child sees you make a poor choice, they are going to make a poor choice as well. Even if you tell them that they will rise up and try to make poor choices as well because their parents are doing it. The “do as I say, not as I do” mentality does not help.

Get rid of all the waste food in the home. Eat good food yourself, and exercise daily. You can do fun activities with the children get all the exercise and create an environment that supports healthy choices.


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