Childhood Obesity Prevention and you


Only you can prevent forest fires. All probably remember Smokey Bear and his warning to start cooking in the woods. With that in mind, I’ve always wondered why there is not a character to talk to children about childhood obesity prevention. Maybe it’s something that needs?

Just because it is not a national campaign (that I am aware of) to combat childhood obesity and put preventive measures in place, it does not mean you can not do something as a parent or a relative or friend to to help your child you know is obese or on the fast track to becoming obese.

childhood obesity prevention starts with you. You might not think you’re able to make any progress or affect the child’s life, but do not sell yourself short. Sometimes all it takes for people to step in and personally work with the child in trouble to give them the strength to fight obesity. A little “full attention” can go a long way.

Think about that for a moment. What if you are a man in a child’s life that can help them succeed in their quest to get in shape and live a healthy life? If there is even a small chance that you will make that big of influence, then you should just stand back and do nothing?

childhood obesity prevention is not the easiest thing to deal with, especially for a child, but if you step in and be a positive influence in their lives, the possibilities are endless.


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