Childhood Obesity and Technology – Effects of the Internet Age Lifestyle Children


It is a known fact that obesity in children has more than tripled in the last three decades. The technology is growing at a very high rate, but so is obesity and obesity of children in this case. Growth is always taken when it is positive, the technology is a positive growth. On the other hand, especially obesity and obesity is not a child.

Now, as good as the growth of technology, it significantly affects children. The current generation is overwhelmed with technology. Most children at this age, especially in developed and developing countries do not know what life is without. They have come up with technology.

When allowed, children can sit and play video games the whole day, one of the places they visit the (kitchen for food) and toilet. What they consume even as they play these games is not healthy at all for obesity. Compared to children of previous generations. The “Pre-Technology Era”, as the school my professor liked to call it. Children in this generation spend their time outside running and playing and chatting with friends. Technology has allows children to chat from the comfort of their home. Why should they go out and play, they have video games to play with this also tends to lead to anti-social behavior.

Parents also tend to heavily rely on electronic sitters child as the Internet. And obesity is one of the negative results. Health is important so that the internet has to be limited, it should cause such adverse effects on the child. The dangers of obesity are many among them heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and many more. There is a high possibility of a child who is obese by two years to be obese throughout adult life because of him developing such diseases.

It is said that children who spend time with a computer has better IT skills but one that does not. But what good is the skills to be if it leads to obesity. Obesity is a risk to health at all ages, worse child. They develop the disease at an early age, leading to visits to hospitals, they hardly enjoy their adult life.

Our children are our future and how we raise them is how they grow, a few small changes can make the biggest difference. In Let us instill good morals them. They are our future.

When used in moderation, technology can be a useful tool for educating children, help students study. Monitoring your children’s technology will ensure that it will remain safe and healthy, they are developing and still. They are very sensitive practices and good ones for that matter. Keep them in control of what to apply and do not apply in their lives. Obesity will lead to serious health problems in the future.

as guardian of the children we should set a limit computer use at home, also set a good example, take the children practice what they see at home. Stay comparable to, if not ahead of the technology. Want to know what gadgets they use. If they are good for them or not.


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