Childhood Obesity -? A Multi headed Monster That Can not fall for one simple Sword


The childhood obesity monster, so the experts tell us, is a multi-headed beast that can not be killed by a single sword, no matter how sharp, and no matter how swift. The head of this monster are initially made up of poor eating and exercise habits. But they themselves are heavily influenced by social, psychological, economic, and genetic head including a child …

o Family-up

o Neighborhood and friends

o Schools attended

o Gen inherited form their parents

or Sleep patterns at night

o television watched

o Advertising consumed

o Game preferences or sporting involvements

o Access to supermarkets import fresh fruits and vegetables

And these are just some of the factors that must be taken into account if we are ever going to get to the bottom of the US Surgeon General has recently stamped problems epidemic proportions … or so we’re told by academicians who are getting paid billions to explore the problem, charitable foundations and state governments are paying billions of academicians to explore the problem, politicians and other officials who are all to express such a heart felt concern over this exploding problem.

But it is a very complex

Unfortunately, the problem is so incredibly complicated, so difficult to handle, we continue to lose the war on childhood obesity, while millions of kids have a variety of consequences, including poor self-esteem, extended the performance and Type 2 Diabetes , to name a few. In other words, we know that life quality for obese children is extremely low and the chances of the problems of moving into adulthood are very high.

But we are still very concerned

Regardless, all experts still very concerned, they are spending (and get) billion dollars, inspect every nook and cranny, leaving no stone unturned in the continuing and relentless pursuit of their very complicated solution to a very complex problem, we continue to lose the war week after week, month after month, year after year. Oddly enough though, after all this time and all the expenses, we are no closer to a solution today than we were a decade ago. It’s still all about getting kids to eat better and exercise more. No magic pill on the horizon. Are we wring hands, simultaneously, in accordance?

One Thing Experts have failed to look …

Of course, one of the experts do not have to look for is a simple solution to the obesity problem youth. And if a simple solution hit them right between the eyes, my question is, they would be able, or even willing to admit it?

what happens to all the research dollars?

After all, if a legitimate solution to childhood obesity were actually discovered what would become of the billions now being spent in researching the problem? I mean how much money we have spent recently to find a cure for polio? If you say nothing you guessed right. Since Dr. Jonas Salk discovered the solution back to 50, we spend no money on polio research. And if we find a legitimate solution to childhood obesity would not all grant funds dry up and blow away? Perhaps it is best to just act like we’re trying to find a solution and keep the incentives flowing?

point out the obvious?

As a result of these total failure on the part of professionals, would like to offer the observation a non-expert to sound like I’m pointing out the obvious, especially if you have physical education teacher as I was for 17 years of life my. All PE teacher in the United States can tell the child obesity expert in the United States for children who can not pull ups are not necessarily obese. Some PE teachers can even tell you that, given access to the right information and the right (incredibly cheap) equipment, most children can learn to do pull ups in a predictable time.

Bring the logic of

Now let’s pay homage to the university by establishing a logician – a person who studied and mastered logic to college – in order to make up for these two studies and come up with a rock solid conclusion. Here’s how it goes. If it is true that children can not pull ups are never obese, and given access to the right information and equipment most kids can learn to do pull ups, then it logically irrefutable that most guys can vaccinate themselves against obesity for life by simply to learn and maintain their ability to do pull ups. And this is true regardless of family upbringing, neighborhood, friends, school, sleep patterns, advertising consumed, race, religion, color, or genetics, etc.

The Experts Response

Hmmmm … experts are thinking. Where are all the statistics, longitudinal studies, and provide money backs up this observation? What happened to the multi-headed monster that can not be killed one simplified sword? And Coach Osbourne, what degrees you have that allows you to do the study, and tell us all the experts how to solve the Cube this Rubik to a problem that has so successfully against billions in research, longitudinal research and conscientious concern so many academicians of this great nation Our? I do not mean to ask patriotism, but how can you doubt even great system?

The Physical teacher responds to Expert

Hmm … custody teacher says to himself. These experts really this blind, or they pay to ignore and overlook legitimate and simple solutions to this terrible problem? I mean I could offer them a half dozen simple solutions if they would just listen. But they do not.

There is so bent on defining complex solution to this complex problem even simple solution identifies the Point Blank, they refuse to see it. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say they can not afford to see it … job pays them to be in lock step.

Yes Virginia …

Yes Virginia, the king wearing beautiful new clothes. He does not stand out in the royal his underwear. And by all experts are experts … look at all the fancy letters behind their names and all the organizations to which they belong. Long live with the status quo. I say officials should be admitted saint hood. And realistically speaking, why would anyone want to kill this multi-headed, fire breathing monster with a simple sword anyway? Kids? Who cares?


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