Childhood Obesity – 6 Reasons Our schools are contributing to obesity


schools our children are contributing to childhood obesity. Some schools have a plan addressing weight our kid, but nevertheless, our kids are getting fatter and more unfit. There are 6 reasons our schools are contributing to the epidemic that I will deal

6 Reasons :.

1. Some schools allow students to eat and drink in the hallway or classroom.

2. Schools teachers use food as an incentive or as a reward.

3. In some cases, food used in school funding.

4. Schools are using a-la-cart application, which means that yes they are serving fish with green beans, but we have pepperoni pizza available 5 days a week.

5. To make money, schools have added vending machines in the cafeteria, enticing students from fruit, and direct them to the soda and chocolate chips.

6. As budget savings, some schools lower requirements in physical education classes.

I have a daughter who just finished the first grade. Its main complain about school lunches was the lunches are boring. I blame her. Looking back on the lunch menu, the same menu week after week. Then she smiles and says, “at least it is the pizza I can get.” A little change from week to week would be nice

I remember when I was a freshman in high school, waiting in the lunch line. I saw something that has not left me in my mid-thirties. In the trash, I saw a box of old reliable chicken nuggets. The nutrition information was face up, and it read Grade D but edible. I was shocked. Needless to say, I bought a selection of the day.

Now I do not think they could get away with it today (smart kid would snap a picture with his cell phone).


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