Child Weight Loss Program – 3 Types of Child Weight Loss Program


Deciding on the most appropriate type of baby weight loss program depends on various factors including: age of the child, scale weight problem child, family financial situation, the quantity and quality of support the family can provide, and other issues of family

The three types of children’s weight loss program is .. “DIY” programs, professional or non-professional support programs and residential programs

1. Do It Yourself Weight Control

Do it yourself weight control works well with very young overweight children and older children. With very young children who need to lose weight, parents can implement healthy exercise and eating regime without the child even notice something unusual is going on. With older children DIY weight control program can be planned by parents and children together.

As the child will be involved in shaping the program, he or she will be less likely to pass any of the rules of the program. A child who is old enough to understand the problem of being overweight and old enough to prompt by goals can respond well to weight loss program designed home.

2. diet Support Programs

Most non-professional support groups and health clubs cater to older people (ie teens to adults), so would not be suitable for young children who need to lose weight. They can, however, be a useful resource for teens who would respond to group support to start losing weight. There are fees involved, so the financial circumstances of the family must be taken into account before the child is encouraged to join one of these groups.

diet programs run by qualified professionals (psychologists often) can be found by asking your doctor for a referral for your child. These programs are expensive, so it is best to check in advance if your insurance would cover the cost.

3. Residential Weight Education Programs

decision to send a child away from home to lose weight is normally done when all other attempts have failed. This situation occurs when older child resist parental efforts to make healthy lifestyle. A residential weight loss program can also be valuable in cases where the child’s parents are not giving the right kind of support for the overweight child.

There is little doubt that this loss from the camp at home achieve impressive results during the child’s stay, and some programs provide documented evidence of children continue to lose weight after their arrival. A weight loss summer camp could also be fun for the overweight child.


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