Child obesity Statistics – What the numbers are so high


people today weigh more than their parents and grandparents when they were the same age. Obesity is a global problem which is very serious. It is even classified as an epidemic of some. Childhood obesity statistics are really shocking not only because a large part of childhood obesity. It has been estimated that obese adolescents are more at risk of suffering from heart attack, stroke or type II diabetes much earlier in life. To a solution of the problem causes of obesity has to be evaluated first.

figures show that 19.6% of children aged 6 to 11 years are obese. The proportion of very overweight adolescents aged 12 to 19 is 18.1%. These are figures from major childhood obesity statistics, but there are independent studies that claim childhood obesity rate is over 25%. These numbers are too large and are expected to increase in the coming years. But what are the main reasons behind this threatening statistical data?

Perhaps the main reason for childhood obesity lack of sufficient exercise. In the past the kids used to eat candy and cookies as well, but they also use to play there almost all the time regardless of the season. The games usually involved a lot of movement. At present children are obsessed with video games that do not require physical work of any kind.

The poor diet is also a factor in childhood obesity. Most kids love nowadays junk food and eat it almost all the time. Fried and sweet foods from fast food are also very popular. The teenagers do not have healthy eating habits. They snack whenever and drinking mainly sugar soft drinks. At the same time they disregard he fruits and vegetables, especially because they are not as good.

Another serious problem is that most families do not have the healthy nutrition habits in general. If parents are overweight, and they put the baby on a diet, he / she will be very unlikely to keep it. Even though there are healthy nutrition education programs in most schools, kids can not simply reject the food they are served at home.

child obesity statistics have high figures for yet another psychological reason. Lack of self esteem, stress and depression lead to more food consumption. This problem is very serious in adolescence that they are particularly sensitive about the opinion of others.


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