Child Obesity article – Are you worried



Undoubtedly one of the most annoying symptoms of our modern lifestyle is childhood obesity. Surveys indicate that fully a third of our children are overweight. Studies show that up to 75 percent of these children will carry into adulthood obesity. Aside from the limitations caused by obesity, there are inherent dangers associated with it when the children in primary schools suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and joint conditions. If obesity child goes unchecked, the adult rate of heart disease, cancer, and stroke will increase alarmingly. Does this scare you? It should

The causes of childhood obesity are as follows :.

Parental modeling: Children obese parents are prone to being overweight, both from environmental influences and genetics. Low activity levels: Most American children spend several hours every day watching TV or playing video games. Not only does this type of activity devote little energy, but the tendency to snack while participating in this project is the dominant

Child obesity treatments are mostly natural and contain :.

1. Physical activity: This is perhaps the most important of all.Children should be encouraged to play vigorously and get plenty of exercise

2. Diet Management :. Aside from the restriction on snacks and sweets, diet should be balanced and satisfactory

3. Behavior Modification: Limit time watching TV and playing video games. Teach children the joy of the doors and the joy of participation in physical activity.

Childhood obesity is very much a parental responsibility for children have the maturity to make decisions for themselves. The problem is that many parents need help to install a program or healthy lifestyle for their children.


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