Animal Protein and Saturated fats can lead to Healthy, Fast Weight Loss


US. President Thomas Jefferson said: “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

First Lady Michelle Obama in 2010 started promoting her “Let’s Move” campaign as a way to reduce obesity rates. Since then she has been criticized for consumption Buffalo wings, spare ribs and burgers, even if fast and healthy way to lose weight is through all the meat / fat diet, organic / grass-fed livestock.

According to Dr. Mary Enigmata, saturated fat promotes weight loss because of concentrated energy enables one to reduce daily caloric intake. She says saturated fat provides the building blocks for cell membranes and a variety of fat-burning and appetite-suppressing hormone. Fifty percent of cell membranes consist of saturated fat and a diet too low in “high-quality, animal-derived” form of this material often leads to deformed, waterproof membranes. Therefore, low-fat diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies, degenerative brain immune dysfunction as well as dry, wrinkled skin, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Unfortunately, point 2010 dietary guidelines for the US federal government that saturated fat is essential for a healthy diet. On the contrary, a 2010 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (discussed below) found that high-fat diet significantly lowers the risk of heart disease people. This study is justified by the fact that all-meat / fat eating human populations around the world have almost no experience with heart disease or other chronic diseases common in the United States.

In fact, for the last 150 years, scientists have overwhelmingly shown that the sugar and starch – no animal products – are the main causes of obesity and chronic diseases. Nevertheless, for the past 60 years, the federal government has encouraged Americans to eat a diet rich in sugar and starch (ie corn, beans, rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, etc.). According to Dr Joyce Marshall, a prominent opponent of the “germ theory of disease,” the aforementioned carbohydrates are usually processed and thus devitalized, disease present, “dead organic matter.”

Unsurprisingly, obesity and chronic disease epidemics began about 60 years ago. The US government bashes animal protein and saturated fat, even if all the meat / fat eaters tend to be generally fit and well, including the traditional Eskimo, African Masai Arctic as well as people from Canada, Europe and Russia. Unfortunately, some of these people were forced to accept a typical Western diet, which consists mostly of sugar-rich and chemical-laden, processed foods. For example, after the Second World War, the Canadian government forced the nomadic, all meat / fat-eating Inuit consume large amounts of sugar and starch (as soon covert sugar in the body).

Consequently, the Inuit are “currently experiencing the consequences of poor diet,” wrote Geraldine Osborne, Minister of Nunavut’s Department of Health and Social Services, the Canadian government’s 2007 Nutrition planning Native Canadians. Above 2007 report acknowledged that the scientific community is just to discover that “many remarkable” and healthy elements of traditional saturated fats / animal protein diet is Inuit. Newfound knowledge Canadian government explains why the Norwegian Arctic explorers in the 1900s flourished by eating nutrient-rich, fatty meat of freshly caught seal and penguin, but other European explorers died of scurvy by trying to live in the North of biscuits and canned meat.

scurvy caused by vitamin C deficiency, Western doctors claim will usually be accessed through the fruit. Arctic and tropical people who follow a traditional one fruit diet provide convincing evidence that men do not eat fruit or vegetables to maintain excellent health. According to Gary Taubes, an award-winning science journalist and author of Good Calories, Bad Calories, says all meat diet contains all the amino acids the body needs to maintain good health. However, add sugar to such a diet has the potential to significantly increase the need for dietary vitamin C is because glucose is more well to compete with vitamin C for the cell receptor. Thus, a man of all meat diet is very unlikely to experience scurvy due to vitamin C deficiency.

In his book, Taubes warned that eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and little or no saturated fat will likely prevent overweight individuals from losing weight. He says this is true because the starch and sugar lift insulin, a hormone that stimulates the body to store fat. Steve Maxwell, a world-class athlete and personal trainer, eat only small amounts of fruits and vegetables. About the age of 40, Maxwell abandoned vegetarian after noticing the decline of his health. He says Dr. Gregory Ellis (Ph.D. in exercise physiology, organic chemistry and nutrition) convinced him health hazards meat. Six weeks after changing his diet, he says he received 15 pounds of muscle, and felt better than ever. Maxwell now eat red meat almost every day.

The US urges Americans to eat a lot of fruit every day (at least two servings). Unfortunately, scientists have known since the early 1900s as fruit sugar (eg fructose) promotes weight gain. Moreover, medical researchers in 2010 Cancer Research article focused on limiting fructose is necessary to prevent cancer and manage existing tumors. A century ago, the average daily intake of Americans fructose was only 15 grams (mainly fruit). Today, they eat about 73 grams of fructose (mostly from high fructose corn syrup); between 1900 and 2005, deaths from cancer tripled.

People have only been eating cultivated carbohydrates (such as wheat, corn, potatoes, etc) about 10,000 years ago that our DNA / genes had no previous exposure to such food for millions of years. For about 100 years, Western people made such carbohydrates / sugar more harmful to health by cleaning / win them. According refined sugar Taubes’ – material (formula C12H22O11) / metabolic poison – is probably the main cause of obesity and chronic disease

A 2002 report Dr. Stephen Burns says that some people seem to do. well on a diet of little or no meat, but “the problem will eventually ensue in such diet regime … studies going back to the last century shows that carbohydrate-based diet are the prime dietary instigators of cancer, not diets based on minimally processed animal foods.” Dr. Burns continued, “A study of vegans in the 1970s showed that women vegans had higher death rates from heart disease but not vegan women. A recent study showed that Indians, despite being vegetarians, have very high rates of coronary heart disease.”

More recently, in 2009, the British Journal of Cancer reported that vegetarians have a higher incidence of colon cancer. Unfortunately, organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have convinced millions of people to become vegetarians, even if high-sugar diet leach minerals from the body, fostering long-term health problems. Since PETA opened its doors in 1980, Americans have increasingly viewed meat consumption as unethical and unhealthy. At the same time, worldwide obesity rates doubled. PETA should devote the resources to establish humane treatment of farm animals in place to encourage people to follow the conditions conducive vegetarian.

Despite growing evidence showing the health benefits of saturated fat, US Federal government continues to urge Americans to avoid saturated fats. This is the case even though the general scientists have identified “sticky blood” (and not high cholesterol) that the dominant cause of heart attacks. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predicts that the US obesity rates will rise from 66% in 2010 to 75% in 2020.

According to the National Heart Forum report, not only will people be fatter in 2020, the incidence of diabetes, stroke and heart disease will dramatically increase. Unfortunately, the US Federal Government, together with the leaders in the weight loss industry and the medical community, strongly advocate a diet low in saturated fat and high in carbohydrates. Many do not know that DMARDs promote bacteria and fungi need sugars to survive as they can not digest fat. Furthermore, there is a big secret that the germ theory of disease is one of the false foundations of modern medicine.

Dr. Joyce Marshall says microbes are “pleomorphic” (ie they develop in the body), changing from beneficial microorganisms harmful to himself as a man constantly consumes “devitalized” food diet (ie “dead organic matter diet”). Not only does a high-sugar diet cause beneficial microorganisms to develop into pathogenic ones, but such a diet suppresses the immune system. She says that external bacteria colonize the human body and cause illness ONLY IF person’s body has enough food supply (sugar) and his / her immune system is too weak to prevent pathogens.

Dr. Marshall emphasized, “The key is that it is infected toxemic condition where the body is overwhelmed by toxic waste, which creates an environment favorable mutation bacteria often associated with certain diseases.” This waste includes chemical toxins from household cleaners and acid waste refined sugar. In short, Dr. Marshall says the clean, nutrient-rich, alkaline circulation as well as unimpeded flow of blood and other body fluids, along with open excretion of waste are Essential Keys to a healthy body. Virulent bacteria soon die in this environment because of the lack of dead and dying organic matter.

To achieve such physical environment in light mineral-depleted soils and heavy-metal polluted air, people (particularly overweight) is required to use 100% natural, nutrient-rich, detoxification supplements such as Miracle II Liquid filter. All organisms (humans, animals, microorganisms, etc.) depends on sugar, fat, or protein to fuel biochemical pathways. Humans evolved to primarily animal fat metabolism for their energy needs while insects and some primates have DNA that is best served by vegetable and fruit-based sugar (eg glucose and fructose).

Recently, scientists have refuted previous resolutions that all human primates are vegetarians. According to the 1981 study mentioned in the link above: “It is now clear that some primate groups make regular and substantial use exactly the type of food [animal flesh] early theories described as instrumental in the emergence of hominids.” Taubes wrote in his book that the skyrocketing rates of chronic diseases (such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, etc.) can be reversed if the Americans stop exposing their bodies to refined sugar [and other toxic substances]. To make this happen, the US Federal government should:

1. encourage consumption of fat / moderate protein / low carbohydrate diet (ie carbohydrates, 10-15 percent, protein, 15-25 percent; and fat, 60-70 percent of calories; as advocated by Dr. Donald W. Miller, Jr.; research shows saturated fat works best for weight loss),

2. reduce consumption of refined carbohydrates not only but any highly processed foods,

3. recommend that fruit consumption is limited to fructose can damage the liver and lead to obesity, and

4. encourage insurance companies to provide coverage for certified (not just “License”) other health professionals that offer relatively low cost (compared to drugs and surgery), highly effective, 100% natural “wellness” resort.

Like environmental materials, refined sugar can interfere with fat-burning biochemical processes of the body and stimulate the fat-storing hormone system. In September 2010, scientists announced a new test that identifies substances that cause the body to store fat by interfering with these leads. In September 2010, the popular talk show host (Turkish heritage) informed the Americans that “Obesogens” (ie, toxins) can be a big part of the obesity epidemic. He said these chemicals are everywhere because high fructose corn syrup is in almost all processed foods.

he also soy as a toxin. It is almost impossible to keep excess body fat throughout the meat / fat (even if high-calorie) diet. Please keep in mind that “excess body fat” is a cultural time and not necessarily equate to “unhealthy.” Healthy human bodies have various shapes and sizes. In fact, studies show that thin people can be very unhealthy. It is also important to know that salt does not cause obesity.

Animal fat is relatively high in salt so members increasingly discredited anti-fat movement have been trying to connect salt obesity. Health misinformation is widespread because certain parties in the health sector have a huge financial interest in presenting information that increases the worldwide rate of obesity and chronic diseases.

In 2002, The Lancet argued that the conflicting interests between pharmaceutical companies and health professionals have a “heavily and damagingly” impact on medical practice. Examples of such propaganda includes a 2-year study, which was largely financed by major food producers. Reported in August 2010 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine, the study aimed to determine the weight loss effects of low-carb diet versus high-fat ones. In accordance with the conditions promoting the objectives of mainstream medicine, were fat dieters instructed to start eating carbohydrates after 3 months, and to consume larger and larger amounts on a weekly basis.

Unsurprisingly, the end of the study the researchers found no difference in weight, body composition, or bone mineral density between the two (actually high-carb) groups. However, scientists (officially and in writing) admitted that even after only three months on a high-fat diet, the participants experienced a dramatic increase in HDL (good) cholesterol levels, which were still apparent two years.

Annals of Internal Medicine is one of the five most cited peer-reviewed medical journals in the world. It has been published for 82 years and rejects 93 percent of the original research studies submitted for publication. Undoubtedly, many of rejected studies contribute DMARDs reduce (ie profit-pulling) natural therapy and / or lifestyle. The mainstream medical journals are highly dependent on advertising revenue from sources that financial fortune result of obesity-related diseases. That may be why so highly respected, mainstream magazine chose to publish the “unscientific” comparing weight loss affects two essentially high-carb diet.

Most people do not read information from studies published in medical journals expensive. Instead, Americans rely on the mainstream media to report the results of health-related experiments. So what information did the Americans get through the public media of the above study, which compared two essentially high-carb diet? The Lead researcher, Dr. Gary D. Foster, told the media that an important outcome of the study was that high-carb diets lead to the same amount of weight loss and a high-fat diet. Dr. Foster is director of the Center for Obesity Research and Education and professor of medicine and public health at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. The Contra Costa Times reported that the results of the study Dr. Foster was “widespread.”

If the Americans accept the wrong conclusion, they may ignore the main cause of obesity (ie refined carbohydrates) and try to lose weight by increasing (aerobic) exercise and First Lady Michelle Obama advocates Move campaign Let father. Unfortunately, unlike fat-burning weight bearing exercises, make sugar-burning cardio exercises little to promote weight loss. NY Times published in November 2009 article titled

Author wrote “Why not show lead to weight loss?” “… Few, overwhelming body of research shows, to achieve significant weight loss with exercise alone, not without changing their eating habits … In fact, most of the participants burned slightly less fat 24-hour study period when they care, but when they did not. “However, the article stressed that all studies show that exercise cardio / aerobic exercise has significant influence health, including decreased blood pressure and resting heart rates as well as a significant psychological improvements.

Among all the big players in the health insurance companies are the only ones with the financial interests of healthy people. Even though chronic illness were forever destroyed, most people would probably buy health insurance, just in case a major accident. In the absence of chronic disease, insurance companies would be able to significantly lower premiums and make the same profit as they do now. Unfortunately, depending on the health insurance companies licensed doctors, drug-company-funded research, government agencies and organizations such as the American Medical Association health-related information that they provide to their customers.

To solve this problem, insurance companies could fund (profit or nonprofit) national organization that provides the general public with science-based, preventive-medicine-based information and services. Increasingly high cost of health insurance premiums and projected health-related financial tsunami are because of the astronomical cost of medicines and surgical treatments. Socialized medicine is not the answer. However, it is the most likely outcome if the Americans continue to scapegoat insurance instead of addressing the real causes (ie health misinformation and resultant unhealthy lifestyle choices) about rising health care costs. Insurance companies have the resources to fund the above, the proposed organization.

For example, the five largest commercial insurers increased profits by 17 percent in 2010. Furthermore, the unique commercial and nonprofit insurers keep hundreds of millions of dollars in “risk-based capital” accounts that exceed state minimum surplus requirements more than 1,000 percent. Consumer states such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia have begun imploring health giants to spend more of its surplus for the benefit of local communities. State records show large insurers spend the hundreds of millions of dollars a year for the benefit of consumers through community wellness programs.

Unfortunately, they are wasting money to promote misinformation derived from traditional medical establishment. Dr. Scott Whitaker co-author of the 406 page book called Medisin: causes and solutions to disease, malnutrition and Medical sins that are killing birds. With compelling facts, the book shows the unholy practice allopathic medicine and marketing of devitalized, chemical foods.

to reverse the obesity and degenerative diseases, a critical mass of Americans will expose themselves to the Science-based, unbiased, health-information. Unfortunately, as former President Thomas Jefferson warned, US citizens can not rely on the government to provide such information.


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