An Old Coach offers a simple solution to obesity


Obesity is a huge and growing problem in the United States and around the world. And the childhood version of this problem is the 21st century tragedy is not only cost the nation billions of our dollars, but it is costing millions of kids their confidence, their identity, their willingness to try something new in public for fear of failure, and therefore their ability to live full and productive lives.

While scientists are busy studying body chemistry, body composition, nutrition and exercise physiology, pharmaceutical companies are busy developing the latest weight loss pills diet industry is to design a new diet strategies, infomercials are crowing about the new equipment practice, are health club hustling skills, insurance companies are cutting benefits, and McDonald is pushing salads, all in an effort to engage in commercial multi billion dollar industry of obesity. In the mean time, the problem continues to grow unabated, as a forest fire raging out of control.

Responding old coach

In view of the raging forest fire I want to introduce you to the wisdom of retired coach who I have known for over three decades. In the words of this old coach (he prefers to remain anonymous, and again in the shadows), “I taught physical education for the adult life my and at the time I made the following observation. I noticed that the children could do pull – ups were never obese, “he said. “And kids who were obese could never do pull-ups. Pull-ups and obesity are mutually exclusive, and are never the same kids,” he added.

Without Pills, Shots, or Magic Diets

Conclusion old coach was that if you start ’em young, before they have had the opportunity to take up a lot of weight , teaching them the ability to perform pull-ups, and teach them to never lose that ability, you can vaccinate kids against obesity for a lifetime, without pills, shots, magic diet or much in the way of costs. “The more children you can teach to physically pull their own weight,” he said, “the closer you will come to whipping childhood obesity epidemic.”

Hate the Kids Pull-Ups

I told the coach that I thought his logic was impeccable, but in my opinion he had one problem. According to the man, most kids hated pull-ups with a passion. And if they hate to do it, how can you teach them to perform pull-ups? They drag their feet all the way to the gym, will not they?

Using A Height Adjustable Pull-Up Bar

“Kids hate to do anything where they fail in public,” the coach said. “The trick is to start young, before they learned to fail the pull up bar. Start them out on a height-adjustable bar that allows them all to succeed immediately with leg- assisted pull-ups, jumping and pulling at the same time. With This inexpensive tool that you will spend a failure, and build regular performance experience for all participants. “

How High Do You set the bar

A couple of more questions came to my mind immediately. First, how high you set the bar when you are starting a teenager? And secondly, how do you adjust the level of difficulty in order to ensure progress? I could say, however, the wise old coach had the answer on the tip of his tongue.

The Progression

“You start at the bar low enough that the child can do at least eight leg assisted pull-ups, but no more than 12. You allow the work out twice a week and expect them to improve each time for several weeks in a row. In other words, in the second exercise they should do 9, the third 10, fourth 11 and the fifth 12 leg assisted pull ups. When they reach 12 repetitions you raise the bar one inch and they start 8-12 process over again. This strategy allows the child to make a little progress each time he works out, and after a few weeks they learn to expect Success in the public domain, which in turn teach them to love instead of hate pull-ups. “

They have been vaccinated Naturally

So if I understand it right Coach, the kids literally inch your way up until they run finally out of the foot support, at which point they have not only learned to perform pull-ups, but they have also learned to love to make them, and in the process they have immunized themselves naturally against obesity for a lifetime as long as they retain the ability. Does that sound about right, I asked?

They may want to be bad, but

“Mechanically speaking that’s right,” the coach said. But there are some other things that go in the direction you need to understand. One is that you are entering a natural desire of children to be strong and not weak. In my years of teaching I met a lot of kids who wanted to be bad, but I’ve never met a child who wants to be sick. And that goes for boys and girls. We all want to be strong. All the kids know that the ability to do pull-ups requires you to be strong. And when you work in a group, they are getting stronger in public, and the children love to succeed in public, “he said.” They inevitably finish by giving each other high fives, and they love every second of it. “

I asked the coach what other things are built into his strategy. He said children learn three things make them strong, including regular work, a good diet and getting enough rest at night and between workouts. They learn to fooling around with tobacco, alcohol, and drugs makes them sick. And no kid ever wants to be sick. “They also learn these concepts in a very hands-on, concrete way,” he said.

take responsibility for yourself

I knew the coach could talk about this stuff all day but I wanted to finish in one other related point. The phrase draw your own your weight has a responsibility to take meaning which are very attractive to people these days. What role has to take responsibility for themselves to play in this childhood obesity prevention?

After congratulating me on all the questions the old coach said: “One of the big lessons to children learn to work on a pull-up bar is that no one else can do it for you, “he said. “I mean in reading, writing and mathematics, you can get away with having someone else do your homework for a while. But the reduction in the pool know immediately if you have done the work, do it if you’re eating right, what if you got enough rest lately, and it pays you for doing this with more success.

On the other hand, also knows if you fail to do this, and it can just as easily deny public performance all the kids crave . So this strategy absolutely encourages children to take responsibility for themselves in all sorts of ways, “the coach said.

A Web Site Dedicated to policy-old coach is

I confessed that he had sold me. I agreed to teach kids to pull their own weight would go a long ways to solve the childhood obesity epidemic, it could save the nation billions of our dollars, and doing all sorts of wonderful things for individuals to learn lessons that are built into this simple, functional, affordable, and infinitely measurable strategy. In fact, I was so impressed that I volunteered to build an informational web site dedicated to naturalistic vision old coach. He took me up on the offer, and as I write this sentence you can now check out “pull their own weight dot net” if you want to learn more about simple obesity prevention old coach.

One Final Question

final question my parents and teachers (or anyone who works with children) is, why wait for the experts to come up with a high tech solution when you can turn the tide naturally with their own children now by simply teaching them to pull their own weight? As they always say, there’s no time like the present. Carpe Diem.


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