Adult Obesity Becoming the # 1 killer in the United States


adult obesity overtaking tobacco as the # 1 US Killer

adult obesity is moving to the top of the list as the nations # 1 killer. As Americans continue to eat themselves to death overweight may soon go up tobacco the leading cause of death, according to US government study.

Scientists Centers of Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, USA, and led by Ali Mokdad concluded that about 50% of all deaths in the United States can be prevented by behavior or habit changes.

Tobacco was the leading cause of death for 18.1% of total US deaths in 2000. Poor diet, weight gain and little or no movement was the leading cause of 16.6% of total US deaths in the same year.

Smoking, poor diet, weight gain or obesity adult plus low or no movement promoting the three major killers -. Heart disease, cancer and stroke

developments indicate an increased risk of death due to poor nutrition, weight gain / obesity, and little or no movement are going up due to changes in our environment. “Simply we eat more and exercise less” Mokdad told New Scientist. Tobacco is still going down in the US but at a slow pace, we hope that it continues and perhaps decreases faster. ”

If current trends continue, obesity will be the leading cause in 2005, with toll excellence 500,000 deaths a year. “This is a tragedy, says CDC director Julie Gerberding.” We’re looking at this as a wake-up call. “

gap between deaths due to poor diet, obesity in adults and omissions and those due to smoking has decreased, but not because of a reduction in smoking. Of course, this means that the gap has decreased due to the increase to be overweight.

“Americans need to understand that overweight and obesity are literally killing us.” said Health Secretary Tommy Thompson, adding that the outcome of the investigation. “should encourage all Americans to take action to protect their health.”

estimated 130 million US citizens, or 64%, are overweight or obese.

You are in control! You can decide to stop and / or turn your children gain weight. You can eat your favorite food and control your weight without drugs, special diets, expensive diet, different recipes and foods, meetings, weight-ins, and other expensive and time consuming task.


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