A Big Problem Plus a viable Childhood Obesity Prevention Solution Equals Meaningful Jobs Galore


America has lots of big problems Today, but none is bigger and more threatening than the Shattered economy That the Obama administration is attempting to patch back together in the wake of our economic 9/11. And, according to most Experts, on Both Sides of the political isle, the Biggest and most challenging problem for the economy is the out of control cost of healthcare-which as quadrupled over the past decade while wages have stagnated or lost ground. Left unchecked healthcare costs Will Consume 50% of GDP by 2020 and in the process it willprovide America’s Titanic with its own iceberg.

A Malignant Tumor

Now, withinActivityAchievementsFavoritesFriends the issue of healthcare sits a malignant tumor That the most recent Surgeon General has labeled America’s # 1 health threat, the terrorist Within, and worse than smoking or HIV Aids. “It’s known as obesity. Obesity and related medical problems not only cost American taxpayers $ 147 BILLION annually, but it also ruins the lives of Millions of Otherwise productive American citizens every-year.

Connecting the Dots …

In other words, solving the Obesity Epidemic (starting with a viable childhood obesity prevention strategy) automatically Brings healthcare costs under control. And Bringing healthcare costs under control automatically lifts a humongous burden off of America’s crippled economy, allowing it to breathe freely and to redevelop the strength and Vitality for sem it’s been known for over two hundred years now.

Pie in the Sky Double Talk Without …

howeverwhole, All That is theoretical conjecture, pie in the sky double talk, another bridge That leads to nowhere without a viable solution to the obesity Epidemic. And over the past decade America has spent countless Billions on researchingã everything under the sun in the name of stomping out childhood obesity. But to date we’re losing ground at every turn, while Millions of kids (around the globe) continue to be sucked Into the childhood obesity sewer and as the result, they’re scarred for life.

Functional Acid Test Strategy

In That light let’s Introduces a solution That the American Society of Exercise Physiologists has described as “A simple, Easily implemented, easilyNavigation documented, and AFFORDABLE SOLUTION TO CHILDHOOD obesity.” In some circles this strategy is known as a functional acid test and it’s built on three simple observations.

First it says That kids Who can physically pull Their own weight (ie do pull ups) are NEVER obese. Second it says that, if Started young, Before supersizing takes root, and if given access to the right information, most kids Can learn to do pull ups in a predictable Amount of time (ie one school year). Third, it conclude That if observations number one and two are correct, then it logically follows That MOST KIDS CAN NATURALLY immunize Themselves Against Obesity FOR LIFE by learning and maintaining the portability to do pull ups. How simple and costeffective is that?

Tens of Thousands of Meaningful Jobs

All this being the case, we’ll throw one more very Important log onto this enlightening When we add fire That it’s very easy to Teach people how to help kids learn to physically pull Their own weight. This could Easily be done through local community colleges around the nation where we could Quickly developping an army of people Who Are Qualified and Capable of helping kids learn to physically pull Their own weight and to naturally immunize Themselves against obesity for life in Head Start programs, schools, park districts, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, Scouts, etc. all over the US.

A Two-For One We Can Ill Affordability To Pass Up

In other words this simple strategy not only costeffectively Eliminate obesity and related problems in a predictable Amount of time, and saves Americans $ 147 Billion a year, but it also CREATE TENS of thousands of meaningful JOBS while IT Help jumpstart the economy at the sametime! A more potentates two-for one deal would be very hard to imagine at this moment in time. Now this is a change we could all believe in. Cash for Clunkers, take a back seat.


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