7 Ways to Reduce Obesity Statistics


Childhood obesity is on the rise. Statistics show that overweight children are becoming the norm for American families and the current trend has no end. This alarming number has everyone looking for ways to reduce children’s weight gain.

New diet are born every hour along with medical procedures promising costly action in response. No wonder parents and children are confused and do not know what to do. This article takes a practical approach to reduce the dreadful childhood obesity statistics and put common sense ideas for parents to explore. A book called “Underage and Overweight” by Frances M. Berg, MS, RD provides 7 steps to reverse childhood obesity

She recommends healthy living in four main areas of life :. Creates an active, eating well, feeling good about yourself and feeling good about others. Its aim is to lasting changes in families obesity and to discard any quick fixes that may come your way

7 Steps her are as follows :.

  1. Coordinate activities
  2. Coordinate eat
  3. Balance sound nutrition
  4. Feel good about yourself
  5. Communication emotions
  6. Feel good about the other
  7. balance issues Wellness

focus on the negatives, such as weight loss and dieting does more harm than it does good and parents the real intentions of the right to a healthy lifestyle programs instead of diet

Ms Berg said very accurately changing lifestyle takes time and involves not only the body, but the conscious and subconscious mind as well. This adds it does not happen overnight.

She recommends that your child will develop easily when you break new health habits in small steps, each age-appropriate level, and building on the one before. This common sense approach is similar to how the child learns to speak. At first cooing and babbling to words begin to form. Moms and dads are encouraged child all the way by promising and repeat the words again and again until it became permanent.

To sum up Ms Berg says “instead of encouraging large children lose weight or limit the food, it’s better to help them build confidence and become more active.” These words are profound and if applied correctly can reduce the statistics of childhood everywhere, even in your own home.


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