5 Factors modern leading to Child obesity


According show on CBS News in January 2010, two thirds of Americans are overweight, but even more alarming is the fact that obesity has tripled in the last three decades. So the childhood obesity problem? Question Needless to ask, but in terms of parents want to know is why – after all, it does understand the problem before you can get around to find a solution. And if you look at the lives of children in modern times compared to the kind of childhood most of us lived, it really is not hard to see.

Let’s look at five key factors in the modern world that are leading to this increase in childhood obesity.

1. High-Tech Entertainment

One major contribution is not so much a sedentary lifestyle but the fact that the things that keep us sedentary have become so attractive. Special effects in movies and video games have reached the pinnacle of complexity, and even a 35 year old adult could lose themselves in the world of gaming opportunities, where virtual reality often consume people’s lives. Sprinkle a child’s imagination to the mix and it is no wonder that they can sit for months and months lost in the virtual world.

2. Busy Parents

While many parents know their children need some serious lifestyle changes, they simply do not have time to make it happen again. In most cases, both parents are working and there is no one around to get the kids out and about.

3. Paranoia

In cities, violence in the media can often discourage families from allowing their children to go out on their own – so do things like walking around town or riding a bike is quite the boundaries. But there are some dangers out there (mostly depending on the area you live in), many parents take it too far. Social problems are not as bad as the news programs would lead us to believe. It’s just that we are constantly hammered by a barrage of bad stories and therefore assume that the world is a dangerous place.

4. Poor Nutrition

Many of our children, just like us, do not get a balanced diet, and this is a major contributor to childhood obesity. Foods we eat are usually highly processed and loaded with sugar and fat. What our children need is all the food and lots of vegetables -. And things need to be significantly minimized because Americans eat too much

5. Bad Example

As statistics show, many of us as unhealthy as our children, and this is largely the cause of this problem. Children learn by imitation. If we are eating unhealthy and never involved in active past times, they are bound to do the same, especially if we apply the same principles to unhealthy diet plan and day. What children need is not a mystery – it’s what every person needs if they want to combat obesity and the diseases that come with it. They need plenty of exercise and a healthy diet.

Need it more simple it? Exercise is as simple as children running around the garden. A good diet is as simple as real food (not processed) and avoid overeating. That’s it -. And that’s why even you can give your children healthy habits they need


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