3 Causes of obesity in young children


Obesity in young children is a major health problem in our society today. It is not only in young children than in teenagers and adults too. Statistics show that one in five children is obese. In the last thirty years this has doubled, and appears to be getting worse. This article will look at three causes of obesity in young children and explore some treatments and prevention

-. Lack of parental education – Nutrition

How well would you go to the test on healthy eating and nutrition? Information is the most powerful weapon you can have against obesity, which can be passed on to your child every day. The truth is, many adults simply do not know the facts. If you do not know the elements of nutrition for their own health, how can you teach your child about it? This leads into another serious issues, lack of exercise

-. Lack of exercise

Children do not play outdoor games like football, rugby, cricket, basketball, etc. as much as they used to in the past. Video games, video games and television to name a few “robbers” have replaced healthy function of time. Connecting this serious issue is the consumption of unhealthy foods

-. Fast Food Consumption

One in three children (from age 4 to 19) eats fast food daily. This is causing children to put on extra weight but increase the risk of obesity. This is awesome news for physicians, parents, teachers and researchers because of the serious health risks related to obesity. Fast foods are higher in fat, carbohydrates, sugar and calories than other foods.

OK, now that we know what some of the causes are we to think of the possible treatments.

Treatments and Preventions

– Adequate parental education

As a parent, you need to know everything about nutrition primarily for their own health as you are able to look after the baby and so you can teach your child about healthy eating. Talk to heath experts, search online, download nutrition classes, visit the library and talk to your friends about what’s healthy to eat

-. Regular exercise

encourage children to take part in outdoor activities including playing games, riding a bicycle, shoot balls etc. dragging them from playing video games and watching TV, etc. The whale watching TV and playing video games should be timetabled. If you are able to, encourage your child to play on the weekend sport.


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