2010 Reauthorization of child nutrition law: making the most of this opportunity


It’s that time again – 2010 Child Nutrition Reauthorization is running! If you want to see changes in school food program baby, moment to be heard now. For those who are not up to speed on child nutrition act, it is an essential piece of legislation that helps develop food programs in American schools. Unlike the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program, which are both permanent license, Child Nutrition Act expires and must be reauthorized every 5 years.

Because these opportunities only come about twice a decade, Reauthorization is an extremely important time to critically assess and address what is and is not working in the federal child nutrition programs. This gives Capitol Hill the opportunity to shape and improve food program in over 100,000 public and private schools across the country. During this process, it is important that Congress allocate sufficient funds and resources to integrate greater access to fresh, healthy food for each child and nutrition education that will help cement the healthy way of life in the future.

The Senate has already passed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, on August 5, 2010. On a positive note, their version of the Reauthorization is focused on raising the level of nutrition School food, as well as increase the number of children are fed. The bill includes important progress in the direction of dealing with the dual challenges of obesity and hunger, but sadly takes financial aspect much to be desired.

too many children across the United States are affected by these types of malnutrition, and increases in reimbursements that schools receive for meals they provide are minuscule. The goal of the Senate is to do higher quality food more available to more kids is great, except that they have not allocated adequate funds to do it. Pledging $ 4500000000 in the next ten years, divided among more than 30 million students is only an increase of 6 cents per meal. This is simply not enough to make fundamental changes we need.

School nutrition programs are struggling to stretch limited food budgets as it is. It is already difficult to produce a healthy, balanced meals for students. Increases in food and labor costs make it almost impossible for schools to even maintain the current lunch program, let alone to make meaningful improvements to the food they serve.

Furthermore, children need to have access to healthy meals for the whole school day. A healthy breakfast and lunch meals are essential, but we need to see healthier items in the snack lines, concession stands, and a tendency to healthy vending machines to ensure they have access to the nutrition they need, when they need it. All of these upgrades require money!

Congress must pass Reauthorization Act of child nutrition covering fundamental, with proper funding. The House of Representatives has not yet passed the bill. This is an opportunity to call on the government to use this time before the election to drastically improve on this law. We have an obligation to ensure that healthy, quality meals are served every day in school

Voice Support for Healthy School food -. This means demanding higher nutritional standards and increased federal funding School food programs. Contact congressional leaders to let them know that child nutrition is a priority

Call Capitol Switchboard: 202-225-3121. The toll free number is 866-277-7617.

operator will ask you which elected office official is you would like to be connected. The employee will answer the call and you can either leave your message with them or ask them to move to the officer in charge of child nutrition. If an employee is out of the office, leave a message and try to call them back later.

if you do not know who your Representative is, visit http://www.house.gov (“a representative” tab located in the upper left corner)

Time is running out -. make the most of this opportunity! We can not afford to put this off for another 5 years.


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